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Smart Investments for Your Home or Business

There are certain types of investments and improvements you can make to your home or business. Some of these investments are the same, while others are specific to homes and businesses. Let’s take a look at each of these by first exploring those investments perfect for your home. Then we will look at smart investments for your business.

Affordable Home Improvement to Boost Its Value

There are several things you can do around your home that are not expensive and which will provide a decent return on their initial investment. Whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future or just are ready to give your home a makeover, each of these things will increase its value.

  • Enclose your porch and patio with clear vinyl drop curtains. An enclosed porch and patio adds value because it makes these spaces of the home usable year-round, even in the middle of winter. Our quality clear vinyl drop curtains help keep your porch and patio cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You can even add on our quality sunshades to increase shading from direct sunlight.


  • Add more insulation to your attic. Most homes do not have sufficient insulation. Even if your home was recently built, it was built to the current building codes that only require minimal attic insulation. Topping of the insulation in your attic will not only help lower energy bills but also increase the value of the home.
  • Repaint the rooms in your home a new trendy color. Color schemes change on a regular basis. If your walls are a boring shade of white, it is time to liven up your rooms. Earth-tones are in right now, but that does not mean all browns. There are blues, greens, grays, and other colors that can have an “earthy” feel and bring color into the rooms in your home.
  • Replace your garage door. One of the easiest ways to boost the value of your home is to get a modern garage door. New doors feature insulation, improved safety features, and apps on your smartphone to open and close the door remotely instead of actual openers.
  • Make improvements to your landscaping. Depending on where you live, this does not mean you have to have a green lush lawn. You could opt to use colored pebbles and stones, rubber mulch, shrubs, and other types of vegetation that are suited for your area and climate.
  • Replacing carpeting with hardwood or laminate flooring. Flooring made of hardwood and laminate is still popular with home buyers, even more so today. These types are easier to clean and tend to last longer with the proper care. Plus, modern hardwood and laminate flooring are easy to install so you can save some money with a DIY install while increasing the value of your home.
  • Replace old windows with new, energy-efficient windows. Another affordable home improvement to boost your home’s value is to have new, energy-efficient windows installed. New windows have decreased heat/cold transfer through the glass and better UV-ray blocking, and they help to lower energy bills.

Affordable Business Improvements and Investments

Just like your home, there are several affordable improvements, as well as investments you can make. For business owners, these things not only can help increase the overall value of the property itself but also help increase your revenues.

  • Utilize outdoor spaces by enclosing them with clear vinyl plastic panel enclosures. You have money-making potential with outdoor patios, decks, and other such locations. If they are not enclosed, you are not fully tapping into the potential earnings these could be making for your business. By enclosing patios and other outdoor areas with our clear vinyl patio curtains, your customers can enjoy themselves outdoors no matter the weather outside. Not to mention, you can continue to use outdoor spaces year-round. Remember to add on our quality sunshades so you can use outdoor spaces all day long without sunlight bothering your customers.

Enclosed Patio

  • Repaint the walls a new color. Even businesses need to stay up on current paint color trends. Adding a splash of new color inside can make your business seem like brand new. If you have a wooden exterior, also consider giving that a fresh coat of paint in a new color.
  • Clean up the exterior of the building. Make sure your parking lights are in good repair. Put up a barrier around trash bins so they are not in plain sight. Add new landscaping elements, like pebbles, rubber mulch, shrubs, or other such things that can make your building and business more appealing.
  • Refinish existing furniture. One trend going on in various business industries is to reuse existing furniture rather than replace it. You can paint or stain it a new color. For furniture with fabrics, have it reupholstered in a new fabric. With chairs, you can use cushion covers to give them a new look.
  • Refresh your employees in new dress attire. Unless you have a specific color coding dress code to match your branding, coming up with a new dress code can make a huge difference in your employee’s attitudes. If they are happy with the new attire, they are more friendly, energetic, and productive, which translates to increased revenues.
  • Give the lighting in your business an upgrade. Swap out existing light bulbs for energy-efficient ones if you don’t already use energy-efficient bulbs. If your fixtures seem dated, then, chances are, your customers think the same thing. Replace them with new, modern light fixtures that fit with your industry.
  • Replace your flooring. Do not forget to consider upgrading the flooring in your business. There are new ceramic tiles that look like hardwood, as well as high-quality vinyl that comes in a variety of textures and colors.

Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Clear Vinyl Patio Curtains

Covered Dining Area

Whether for your home or business, there are several benefits you will discover with our clear vinyl patio porch curtains and patio curtains, including:

  • Side and Tops Include Aluminum Tracks: Aluminum is corrosion-resistant and helps increase strength and improves the seal.
  • Non-Corrosive Fasteners and Hardware: All of our vinyl curtain enclosures come with the hardware and fasteners you need to install them.
  • Hold-Down Assemblies Are Adjustable: Our hold-down assemblies are designed to withstand the elements and are rated for a wind speed of up to 65 mph!
  • Customized for Your Home or Business: Each patio curtain is customized to fit your patio or porch based on your requirements for a superior fitting product.
  • Commercial Marine-Grade Vinyl Finish: All of our vinyl products are made from the best-quality materials to help increase the lifespan of your patio or porch curtains.
  • Easy to Remove or Retract: The vinyl is flexible, so you easily roll it up and remove it or retract it out of the way to let fresh air in.
  • Handcrafted and Manufactured in the U.S.A.: Our processes ensure you receive a durable, quality product.
  • Panels Include Zippers: You can easily zip together panel sections to create a complete barrier against the elements and weather.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Borders: The borders on our vinyl curtains are very abrasion-resistant and provide improved longevity.
  • 100% No-Hassle Fit Guarantee: We work with you to carefully custom manufacture your enclosures, and we offer our 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee to assure that they will fit correctly when you install them.
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty: We want you to be able to enjoy your new patio and porch curtains, and we provide a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Flame Retardant Polished Vinyl: Each of our vinyl curtains offers 20 of flame retardant protection and has been super double polished.
  • Condition and Cleaning Product Options: You can easily obtain the conditioning and cleaning products needed to keep your new clear vinyl curtains looking great.

If you are ready to start making improvements to your home or business by installing custom outdoor patio curtains and porch curtains, you will want to order yours from us today. Since we handcraft each of our products, it does take four to six weeks before they are manufactured, quality inspected, and shipped.

Don’t delay if you want to get your patio or porch enclosed before the end of summer, so you can continue enjoying it into the fall. For more information, ordering assistance, or to request a free quote, please feel free to contact Enclosure Guy at (830) 445-4500 or use our “FREE Estimate Form” online today!