Commercial Enclosure Gallery

If you’re looking for tough patio enclosures or pavilion enclosures for your restaurant, golf course, clubhouse, or wedding venue, Enclosure Guy has the enclosures that you’re looking for. These resilient custom-built enclosures will stand up to years of use and abuse. Designed by our experts and engineers and delivered to your place of business with factory direct pricing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better product at a better price.

Custom-Built Enclosures for Commercial Establishments

We offer vinyl curtains, sun shades, and drop shades for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, banquets, nightclubs, hotels, bars, taverns, and more. Meeting your needs and budget, Enclosure Guy can supply and install plastic, vinyl, clear vinyl, roll up vinyl, and sunroom curtains designed and installed to high-quality standards. Our specific options for all types of commercial properties include fixed enclosures designed to stay secure in all weather conditions while keeping the environment warm and cozy inside.

We also manufacture, supply, and install:

Slide and Drop Enclosures

Enclose exposed or outdoor dining areas, cafes, taverns, lobbies, and storage spaces with durable, easily installed, and simple to open or close drop curtains. It may be warm and pleasant outside, so the enclosures can be opened in a few easy steps, allowing patrons to enjoy the fresh air. When it’s cool, rainy, or windy, close things up so people can seek shelter and the best your business has to offer. If a drop enclosure isn’t what you’re looking for, our slide enclosures are just as convenient, protective, and aesthetic.

Sun Shade Enclosures

Have complete environmental control within your facility or dining establishment with sun shade enclosures. They keep bright sunlight from blinding guests and help facilitate the atmosphere and feeling you want to create. Multiple colors and styles are available, and these enclosures also come in the form of privacy screens. Protect people and furniture from UV light, and provide a lively atmosphere any time of day or night.

High-Quality Custom Enclosures for Businesses

Our products offer sun, wind, and general protection for commercial properties. Install custom enclosures to maximize customer service and the atmosphere of your restaurant, venue, or facility—inside and out.

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Please note: wrinkles may appear immediately after initial installation, which dissipate over time.