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Commercial Patio Enclosures

We work with hotels, resorts, restaurant chains, event facilities, and more. Protect your outdoor bar, restaurant, patio, gazebo, or pavilion. Contact us today for a free quote on commercial patio enclosures.

Helping Business Owners Protect Their Outdoor Spaces

Whether you are looking to block the sunlight, provide a windbreak, or looking to completely seal off a gazebo, pavilion, solarium, restaurant bar, or other outdoor space while retaining your view of the outside world, Enclosure Guy has the custom drop curtains you’re looking for.

Commercial Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun ShadesRestaurant Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades

Commercial Enclosures, Patio Drop Shades and Drop Curtains For Outdoor Decks Help Protect

  1. Outdoor Bars
  2. Outdoor Decks
  3. Outdoor Restaurants
  4. Outdoor Cafes
  5. Outdoor Pubs
  6. Banquet Areas
  7. Outdoor Wedding Venues
  8. Gazebos
  9. Pavilions
  10. Solariums

Clear Vinyl Curtains for Businesses

Clear vinyl curtains keep you warm and preserve your spaces from the elements. We help businesses protect outdoor areas with: Patio Shades, Deck Shades, Porch Shades, Sunscreens, Patio Enclosures, Outdoor Deck Enclosures, Mosquito Curtains, Wind Curtains and more.

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant that offers outdoor seating, you know how nice it can be to enjoy a meal with family and friends while sitting outside on a nice day. Restaurants can put our roll-down outdoor shades to good use during cooler months or rainy days. Outdoor Patio Enclosures are great for restaurants and bars near lakes or on the beach, our clear vinyl curtains can also protect outdoor diners from breezes coming off the water. Patio Enclosures are easy to roll down or up, these clear patio curtains and outdoor patio enclosures for bars and restaurants make outdoor dining a pleasant experience. We offer cost advantages and huge savings because we own the factory. Take advantage of factory direct pricing and the lowest prices on high quality, clear vinyl curtains and patio enclosures for bars, restaurants and commercial businesses.

Whether you are a purchasing agent or an architect, our patio enclosure sales and outdoor patio shades design team can speak your language. Our patio enclosure finance team is experienced in working with everything from local bars, restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, hotels, banquet centers, even corporate franchises. With budgets getting smaller and the challenges of running a successful business being what they are today; getting the right clear patio curtains the first time is critical to keeping time and money sinks from appearing on your porch. Getting patio enclosures right the first time will save your company a lot of money.

Patio enclosures give your business that extra push it needs to keep its outdoor spaces profitable.