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Residential Patio Enclosures

For many homeowners, the patio is a place to kick back with friends and family on days when the sun is shining and Mother Nature is pleasantly cooperative. This area of the home should be carefully tended to ensure that it can retain its full value as a place for relaxation. One way to do this is by outfitting the patio with our high-quality residential enclosures. These products let you control the sunshine and climate of your patio to maximize your comfort.

Our collection of residential patio enclosures includes custom sun shades, which can block 90% of the sun’s rays without blocking your line of sight. For more advanced options for modifying your patio environment, you may also wish to have a look at our outdoor residential climate control patio enclosures. Finally, we have a selection of climate control curtains and sun shades that are designed to safeguard your plants.

No matter which product you choose, you can be sure that you’re buying world-class enclosures from a company that has perfected its craft. Enclosure Guy sells products that are custom-made for your particular environment. Explore the links below to learn more about our residential patio enclosures.

Outdoor Residential Custom Sun Shades
Custom Sun Shades protection for your patio.

Outdoor Residential Custom Sun Shades

Outdoor Residential Climate Control Patio Enclosures
Seal your patio to protect your assets from all the elements.

Outdoor Residential Climate Control Patio Enclosures

Outdoor Protection For Your Plants
Control your plant’s environment with our Climate Control Curtains and Sun Shades

Climate Control Curtains and Sun Shades

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