Commercial Outdoor Curtains and Restaurant Patio Enclosures

With Patio Enclosures that Maximize Your Real Estate, Enclosure Guy Will:

EnclosureGuy Will:

  • Build clear commercial outdoor patio curtains that keep your business’s outdoor space usable in a wide array of weather conditions.
  • Build tough clear curtains for outdoor dining enclosures in rough weather.
  • Engineer clear curtains that can be easily used by one person.
  • Create clear restaurant patio curtains that hide when not in use.
  • Create clear curtains for outdoor dining enclosures that are custom fit for your space.
  • Engineer your clear curtains to withstand a safe, allowable wind load of up to 65mph.
  • Provide your clear curtains with a 5 year limited warranty.
  • Create your clear curtains with factory direct pricing.
  • Build your clear curtains right here in the USA.

If you’re a golf course, restaurant, wedding venue, or any kind of a business that has a porch or any other kind of outdoor shelter, our commercial outdoor curtains can keep your space usable in a wide array of poor weather conditions.

Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures are designed to hold tight to your structure in bad weather. We can engineer your clear curtains to withstand a safe, allowable wind load of up to 65mph. The wind load system holds very securely, which will increase the usability of your clear curtain system year-round, as it can be deployed more often than other patio enclosure systems. 

The wind-load system includes many features, such as industrial grade curtain zipper connections, a welded bottom, an adjustable tie-down assembly, vertical (zippered) closures or weather flaps, an aluminum tracked header with welting, filler flaps, a welded stainless steel clip and D-Ring, and a nickel plated brass spring-loaded trigger snap.

Clear Curtain Zipper Connections

Raleigh Nc Outdoor Restaurant Clear Curtain EnclosuresThe zipper connections used on our commercial clear curtains were developed in cooperation with EnclosureGuy and the YKK Corporation, which has a worldwide reputation for developing excellent zippering systems. The zippering system on our commercial outdoor curtains provides for positive closure, stopping the wind from bothering your clients. 

In addition to thwarting the power of the wind, the zipper system helps you reduce energy consumption. Not only will this create an extra layer of insulation between your porch and main structure, but now you can cool your patio in the summer and warm it in the winter with less energy than if you were to leave your outdoor spaces open to the elements. Because we use a zippered system on our commercial restaurant patio enclosures, our system is also easy to put up and deploy at your will.


Welded Bottom

The welded bottom of our commercial outdoor curtains adds reinforced strength at the highest load points. This is added peace of mind, as our enclosures don’t flop about your space when the wind kicks up.


Adjustable Tie-down Assembly

The adjustable tie-downs we build into our commercial and restaurant patio enclosures provide more strength to the system, allowing higher wind loads and reducing the amount of billowing that many outdoor curtain systems experience.


Vertical (Zippered) Closures / Weather Flaps

The vertical zippered closure and weather flaps add a positive connection to existing structures. They also allow for separation and changes in your clear vinyl patio curtains. This gives an additional seal to restaurant patio enclosure systems at the sides and contributes greatly to the system’s ability to seal out the high wind speeds without buckling under nature’s load.


Aluminum Tracked Header with Welting

The outdoor restaurant enclosure’s aluminum tracked header with welting further distributes the wind-load and is very easy to install. This header makes the tops of your patio enclosure more rigid and easier to handle. It also prevents the clear plastic patio enclosures from sagging in the heat and cold.


Filler Flaps

Clear Vinyl Retractable Roller Shades Curtains For Bars RestaurantsThe filler flaps were added to our restaurant vinyl patio enclosures to compensate for lateral shrinkage beyond normal design parameters. One thing that many people don’t realize about vinyl materials is that they’re extremely susceptible to size changes based on the temperature. Improperly installed and engineered vinyl products can crack and break or wrinkle if a wide array of weather conditions isn’t considered in the design process.

Also, many people don’t even consider that on one side of the patio enclosure you’ll have freezing temperatures while on the other side it’s a toasty 80 degrees. This is where our filler flaps come in handy. They act as a buffer zone that assures the longevity and ease of use of the zipper closures for years to come. This means that, with restaurant patio enclosures, plastic and other materials remain durable and sustain less stress over time.


Welded Stainless Steel Clip and D-Ring

The welded and stainless steel clips and D-rings that will ship your commercial restaurant patio enclosures provide a low profile positive tie-down connection that installs with a single fastener into any surface. They’re up when you need them and down when you don’t and always ready to rise to the occasion. While this all may sound difficult and complicated, our commercial outdoor/restaurant patio curtains are very easy to use. 

Enclosure Guy has created a patio enclosure system that is engineered to solve a lot of different problems while being easy for anybody to use. Enclosure Guy outdoor curtains can be deployed and put away by one person with great ease, as they will ship with a pole hook that is used to retract and close the zipper easily. Additionally, our nickelplated brass springloaded trigger snap connects the curtain tie-down web strap assembly to the D-ring for onehanded quick operation. 

The outdoor restaurant enclosures that we engineer and manufacture can be used by any business with outdoor structures. Porch / patios, gazebos, decks, verandas, one or more -sided shelter houses. The list of structures where a patio enclosure like ours will work is endless. Most commonly, our commercial outdoor patio curtains are used by restaurants, golf courses, wedding venuesvirtually any place where a gathering might be hosted outdoors.


Commercial Outdoor Curtains Are Used as Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Our commercial outdoor curtain system is used so that restaurants can use all of their tables most of the time. Establishments such as Red’s Porch, a restaurant that is entirely a porch, demands highquality restaurant patio enclosures. They’ve tried several different restaurant patio enclosure systems but none could stand up to the pressures and strain of a fulltime patioonly operation until they found Enclosure Guy. 

Not every restaurant is like Red’s. We’ve installed many clear vinyl patio curtains on many different kinds of restaurants. Even a small restaurant can benefit from our restaurant vinyl patio enclosures, as they’ll be able to use those seats on busy nights without having to worry about rain, snow, the hot, or the cold. Restaurants typically find that the return on their investment in Enclosure Guy restaurant patio enclosures to be around six months.


Commercial Clear Curtains Are Used by Wedding Venues

Do you offer a thicker vinyl than the 20mil on your patio enclosures?Few things are more annoying than planning a beautiful outdoor wedding then having the weather turn poor. It’s even worse when your nearby shelters don’t offer much in the way of protection from blowing rain. Commercial outdoor curtains from Enclosure Guy can go a long way to reduce the frustration that comes along with bad weather during an important engagement. 

Imagine being able to tell the bride’s mother that weather isn’t much of an issue for the ceremony down by the lake because the nearby shelter house has custom fit clear view patio enclosures—and that these outdoor restaurant enclosures will keep the weather out should things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, the competition up the street will leave them high and a little less than dry. 

Clear vinyl patio curtains and restaurant patio enclosure systems  engineered by Enclosure Guy will give you more valueadded services to help encourage people to sign that dotted line, knowing you’re equipped to handle less than perfect conditions without compromising that outdoor location the bride has always dreamed about.


Commercial Outdoor Curtains Are Used by Golf Courses and Clubs

Commercial Vinyl Patio EnclosuresJust like wedding venues, golf courses and clubs really benefit from the revenue generated by hosting parties. Whether your place is a porch, gazebo, or some other kind of shelter, made-to-order outdoor dining enclosures from Enclosure Guy can do a lot to preserve face when Mother Nature goes wrong. Imagine how happy your patrons will be when their party in the gazebo becomes threatened by rain clouds and your staff quickly deploys our commercial outdoor patio curtains to protect them from nasty conditions. 

Our goal at Enclosure Guy is to make outdoor dining enclosures that preserve your space for use in all kinds of bad weather conditions. We do it with excellence by hand-crafting heavy-duty custom-designed patio enclosures that are easy to install and easy to use.

For more information on our custom patio enclosures, or for help with your restaurant patio enclosure ideas, fill out our instant quick quote form or call us at 830-445-4500, and we’ll have a design professional contact you.