Commercial or Residential Outdoor Enclosures

Large or Small:
We use the same heavy duty marine grade quality materials for all projects.

The Enclosure Guy Difference

Why Buy Enclosure Guy?
Our clip & zip attributes are what gives us a gale force wind rating like no other! “Small Things, Big Difference”

Enclosures Increase Usability

Easily Retractable or Removable
Our wind load rated curtains will stand-up to all kinds of weather conditions.

Plan your Next Event with Confidence

Peace of Mind
Increase restaurant capacity! Manage your environment and don’t let Mother Nature spoil your special event!Provide Indoor comfort to your outside spaces.

Innovative Residential Clear Patio Enclosures

Enjoy your patio or porch in the rain or cold weather with a clear outdoor enclosure!
Make your patio the most comfortable place for guests this season!

Weatherproof Patio Enclosures

About Enclosure Guy

Committed to Quality and Exceptional Service

Established in 1983, Enclosure Guy is a family owned and operated business that serves clients nationwide.

Committed to quality and exceptional service and established in 1983, Enclosure Guy is a family-owned and -operated business that serves clients nationwide.

Master patio enclosure maker Clint R. Oliveira, the founder/designer/principal of Enclosure Guy, is a formally trained and educated draftsman, loftsman, patternmaker, sailmaker, yacht designer, and innovator who embraces the New England traditions of the textile and maritime industries.

His most recent innovation in custom canvas, which combines an age-old trade with 21st century technology, has become an industry standard in patio and curtain enclosures. Oliveira prides himself on delivering the highest level of quality, service, and customization using a standard production model. That’s where craftsmanship and value intersect.

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Small Things. BIG Difference !
*65 MPH Wind Rating

Whether you’re looking for sun protection or a windbreak or you’d like to completely seal off a gazebo, pavilion, solarium, restaurant, bar patio, or another outdoor space—without obstructing your outdoor view—Enclosure Guy can design it.

We offer custom outdoor patio enclosures, patio curtains, canvas porch enclosures, sun shades, and more—at factory direct pricing! The Enclosure Guy design team is waiting to help you build the perfect enclosure for your needs.

*The wind speed rating will vary by panel size, mount surface integrity, and weather conditions.

The Enclosure Guy Difference

Small Things, Big Difference!

Features Benefits Enclosure Guy Others
Sewn (soft tooth) Zippers – 3X Stronger.

Total Weather Barrier
Aluminum – Top and Sides.

Superior Strength and Seal
Lower (galvanized) Pipe Stiffener – Added Rigidity for Drop Type Only.

Adds Rigidity
Adjustable hold-down assembly.

Wind Load Rated to 65 mph
Non-Corrosive, Specifically Designed (nickel plated brass, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum) Hardware. Complete and Ready for Installation including Fasteners & Anchors.

Superior Quality – Ready to Install
.020 (20 mil) & 0.30 (30 mil) Double Polished & Optically Clear PVC – NON-DISTORTED & NON YELLOWING • 72” Wide PVC – Unobstructed Views.

Safer Product – Better Views
Triple Reinforced Border – 65 mph Wind Rated.

Increased Longevity
10,000.0 sq.ft. Custom Designed Manufacturing Facility – Efficient Production.

Better Fit
Commercial Marine Grade Finish for Extreme Weather Conditions.

Code compliant and fire rated panels operate independently and are fully retractable or seasonally removable if desired, storage bags available upon request.

Easy to Operate and Store
  • On-Site Field Verification – Local or National
  • Factory Installation – Local or National
  • Rope & Pulley Kits
  • Seasonal Storage Bags
  • Extra Large Protective Skirt at Top & Bottom
  • Protective Valances
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Generic & Project Specific CAD Drawings
  • Code Compliant – Emergency Exits

Extends Life
Covered by our (no hassle) Five (5) Year Limited Product Warranty.

5 Years
100% fit assurance guarantee.

No Risk
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Why Buy Enclosure Guy?

The features of our custom designed products and our manufacturing process make us different. 

As a family-owned and -operated business established in 1983, we’ve held onto our roots over the decades.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional service set us apart in the industry by building only one (heavy-duty) Marine Grade Standard for ALL buyers, whether Commercial or Residential.

Enclosure Guy offers a free design consultation via phone for your business or residence, as well as a 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee. We stand behind our products and service, and we look forward to earning your trust.

Enclosure Guy’s Innovative Products Inspire

Our products keep you warm, dry and protect your outdoor spaces from the elements.

Outdoor Enclosures For Homes

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Residential outdoor enclosures help you to enjoy your property and make the most of your space, whatever the weather conditions. We’re pleased to offer our clients quality custom-designed products at factory-direct pricing. With an outdoor enclosure, patios become a safe haven during hot sunny days and cool breeze days, no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like. 

Our products include durable porch enclosures that afford sun protection and privacy. In fact, the affordable plastic enclosures we provide can fit just about any budget. Patio enclosure panels and shades can accommodate any size of porch or deck. The same goes for any of our vinyl curtains, patio sun screens, and clear vinyl roll-up curtains.

Outdoor Enclosures For Businesses & Restaurants

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Restaurants, bars, taverns, event spaces, and other business establishments benefit from our retractable and removable patio enclosures during cooler months and on rainy days. Custom patio enclosures and sunshades are ideal for shoreline businesses—whether it’s a lakeside property or an oceanfront establishment. Protect your patrons from sun and heat on warm days and wind, rain, fog, and humidity on cooler days.

We offer numerous commercial canvas enclosures for businesses, including restaurant outdoor enclosures, pavilion enclosures, and patio sun shades for guests and patrons to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air on any day. Clear plastic curtains let people see outside, enjoy natural light, and dine comfortably no matter the elements. Outdoor patio weather protection is something that can expand your restaurant’s capacity and draw customers with a choice of seating options.

Our experienced finance team has worked with businesses of every size, including local bars, restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, hotels, banquet centers, and corporate franchises, to develop affordable custom enclosure solutions—we understand that every penny counts when you’re running a business.


we serve include:

  • Bars/Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Saloons
  • Taverns
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Clubs
  • Banquet Halls
  • Cafes
  • Coffee Shops
  • Resorts
  • Outdoor Pavilions
  • Wineries
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Camps
  • Zoo
  • Yoga Studios
  • Country Clubs
  • Markets
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Healthcare Pavilions
  • Vaccine Centers

Commercial Clients

TGI Fridays
The Green Way
Colby College
Club Corp
Detroit Zoo
Double Tree by Hilton
Princeton University
Moody Gardens
Daytona International Speedway
San Diego Zoo
University of Oregon
Bass Pro Shops