Custom Pavilion Enclosures

Pavilion enclosures are versatile structures that can transform your outdoor areas into functional living spaces. These enclosures offer an open-air experience with the comfort and protection of a fully enclosed area. 

Although commonly used for homes, pavilion enclosures are also excellent for churches, restaurants, yacht clubs, country clubs, and even beer gardens

A custom pavilion enclosure is designed to fit your pavilion’s needs and style, blending perfectly with the exterior and creating a visually appealing structure. It is an elegant solution for homeowners and business owners looking to increase the functionality of their outdoor areas.

Pavilion Outdoor Enclosure

Why Choose a Custom Roll-Up Enclosure for Your Pavilion?

Od Img Pavillion With Pulley Kits MinRoll-up pavilion side walls enclosures are perfect for elevating your outdoor living areas. These structures allow a better connection with nature, which can help you and your customers relax. 

Here are the benefits of adding a roll-up pavilion side-walls to your outdoor spaces: 

Functionality All Year Round

The main reason so many businesses and homeowners choose pavilion enclosures is their functionality. With one of these structures, you gain access to your pavilion all year round, whether it is raining or hailing. 

Installing a custom pavilion enclosure means you can safely keep furniture and electronic devices in your outdoor spaces without worrying about water damage.

Better Protection Against the Elements

Unpredictable weather can dampen your outdoor fun. Luckily, installing a clear vinyl pavilion enclosure can give you access to your pavilion whenever you need it. These useful structures shield your pavilion from rain, snow, hail, and dust. 

Functionality is the main purpose of pavilion enclosures. They allow you to have gatherings, BBQs, or just relax, no matter the time of the year, whether it’s summer or winter or anything in between. 

A pavilion enclosure panels protects you against the following: 

  • Wind protection for pavilions: If you live in areas with strong winds and storms, then keeping your furniture and possessions safe is essential. Luckily, pavilion enclosures by Enclosure Guy protect against winds up to 65 mph. 
  • UV protection: Our enclosures provide reliable protection against UV light through heavy-duty vinyl. With the high rates of skin cancer, this feature is a must for families. 
  • Protection against rain: Our enclosures offer the ultimate protection against rain and water damage by using heavy-duty vinyl and plastic. It is an important feature for pavilions used as wedding venues.
  • Protection against snow or hail: Snow and hail can cause as much, if not more, damage to your outdoor furniture than rain. That’s why adding high-quality plastic pavilion enclosures is such an essential choice for properties in extremely cold areas. 

Elegant and Stylish Design

Custom pavilion enclosures can help create a coherent theme for your outdoor area. With one of these structures, you get a stylish addition to your pavilion while enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces. You can choose between different materials and unique designs for the best results.

By adding pavilion enclosures , you can enhance the versatility of your outdoor space. It allows your pavilion to be used for events, weddings, and parties, as well as a quiet space for reading and relaxing. 

Increased Resale Value and Energy Efficiency

PavillionsHaving a pavilion in your outdoor areas makes your property more desirable. This can translate into increased resale value. Adding a high-quality enclosure to your pavilion increases the functionality of your outdoor space, which in turn increases your home’s value even further. 

Plastic pavilion enclosures can also be equipped with energy-efficient features like insulated walls and windows. These features reduce the need for electric ventilation, including fans and ACs, making your pavilion more eco-friendly. 

Pest Control to Protect What Matters Most

Nature is excellent for our mental health, but having outdoor spaces means dealing with insects and rodents. Luckily, outdoor pavilion curtains create a solid barrier against pests like mosquitoes. It’s an important benefit that can help you enjoy your outdoor areas even during the year’s warmest months. 

Pest protection is more necessary for households with small children, as they are always more at risk when playing outdoors. 

Benefits of Choosing Enclosure Guy for Clear Pavilion Weather Curtains

College Park Restaurant Home Outdoor Patio EnclosureThere are dozens of enclosure manufacturers and providers. However, few of them offer the level of quality and dedication that we at Enclosure Guy are known for. From the most simple outdoor tents to the most complex pavilion side wall enclosures, we have it all! 

Here are the advantages of choosing our clear pavilion weather curtains:

Expertise and Craftsmanship

Whether it’s about creating the perfect wedding venue or resting space to enjoy nature, our plastic pavilion curtains are here to make it happen. Through years of experience in the industry, we’ve created and designed some of the most beautiful and stylish enclosures without compromising affordability and resistance. 

High-Quality Built

At Enclosure Guy, we only use high-quality materials to offer the best possible experience for our customers. Stainless steel, heavy-duty vinyl, aluminum, and other materials are used to add durability and resistance to all our plastic pavilion curtains. There’s no better choice than Enclosure Guy for timeless beauty and waterproof design! 

Ideal Customization Options

Your pavilion enclosure panels must look and feel as unique as your home or business. Luckily, at Enclosure Guy, we offer the best customization options in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you need an enclosure for restaurants, churches, yacht clubs, venues, country clubs, and even beer gardens. We are here to help. Additionally, our designs are excellent for weddings and events.

Clear Communication and Exceptional Customer Service

From the very first moment you contact us to schedule a consultation, we ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. With everything from clear communication to user-friendly installation guides for our screened-in pavilions, we are with you every step of the way. 


Find the Perfect Clear Vinyl Pavilion Enclosures with Enclosure Guy! 

For businesses and homeowners looking for the best clear plastic pavilion panels, there’s no better option than Enclosure Guy. Through excellent craftsmanship and reliable warranties, we deliver high-quality products for every need. Contact us at (830) 445-4500 for more information about our outdoor pavilion curtains