Clear View Patio Enclosures

Climate Control All-Weather Patio Enclosures Keep Your Patio Usable in Any Weather

We have removable patio walls and curtains for just about every application. Our Climate Controlled Outdoor Enclosures Are:

  1. Easy to use by only one person
  2. Built tough for tough weather conditions
  3. Durable, marine-grade finish
  4. Hidden when not in use
  5. Custom fit to your space
  6. Wind-load tested at 35mph
  7. Protected in temperatures down to -30℉
  8. Warrantied for 5 years limited
  9. Priced factory direct
  10. Made in the USA

Backyard Patio Clear Outdoor Curtains

For a home that has a covered patio, gazebo, pool shelter, or any other kind of outdoor shelter that you want to be easier to clean and usable even in bad weather, our patio enclosures for climate control are exactly what you need.

Made from a 20mil clear vinyl, these patio enclosures have been engineered with several different features so that they keep the bad weather out of your patio, gazebo, or any other outdoor structure that you have. These features include industrial-grade curtain zipper connections, clear climate control curtains, a welded bottom, and adjustable tie-down assembly. In addition, our climate control curtains have vertical (zippered) closures or weather flaps, aluminum tracked header with welting, filler flaps, welded stainless steel clip and D-ring, and a nickel-plated brass spring-loaded trigger snap.

Curtain Zipper Connections

The zipper connection that we use on our climate control enclosures was developed in cooperation between the YKK Corporation and us, and YKK Corporation develops the best zipper systems in the world. The system on our products provides for positive closure that stops the wind and debris from bothering you in your space.

Additionally, the zippering system can help reduce energy consumption by cutting down on the air movement right next to your home. Not only does this system create an extra layer of insulation between your porch and main structure, but you can also have a temperature controlled enclosure for the summer, to keep things cool, and all-weather enclosures for the winter that keep things warm with less energy than if you were to leave your outdoor spaces open to the elements all year long.

Since we use a zippering system, as opposed to a snapping or free-hung system, our patio enclosures are made easy to use. Enclosure Guy offers a full range of canvas enclosures, removable patio walls, and all-weather pool and patio enclosures with the following features:

Welded Bottom

A welded bottom helps by adding reinforcement at the highest load points. This adds peace of mind, as our climate control enclosures don’t flop about your space when the wind kicks up.

Adjustable Tie-down Assembly

Our patio enclosures for climate control come with an adjustable tie-down assembly that keeps them in place when a windstorm crosses your property. They also prevent billowing and banging. Your covered patio enclosures therefore stay put in most weather conditions.

Aluminum Tracked Header with Welting

A patio enclosure needs a way to hang, and we have this mastered better than any other. Our aluminum header is what secures the top of your climate control enclosures to your porch, gazebo, or shelter. It also keeps the enclosures taut, despite the temperatures inside or outside, so you don’t have icky, saggy, and ugly removable patio enclosures.

Filler Flaps

A lot of people don’t realize that vinyl materials change with the temperature, both outside and inside. Lack of attention to this detail can make a patio enclosure difficult, if not impossible, to use. So, we created what we call filler flaps. These compensate for shrinkage and go beyond the normal range, especially when you want to protect your canvas enclosures for the winter. Not only does this make climate control curtains and enclosures easier to use, but it also gives them longevity against cracking, breaking, and wrinkling; plus, the zippers remain protected for years.

Welded Stainless Steel Clip and D-Ring

Nobody wants to run into the house when it’s dinnertime and stub their toe. So, we use welded and stainless steel clips and D-rings on all our temperature-controlled outdoor enclosures. These provide tie-down connecting points that install with a single fastener into any surface. They’re up when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t.

As you can see from all the information we provided here, the climate control outdoor enclosures that we manufacture were designed to create a comfortable, controllable, and clean environment for your home all year long that doesn’t bother the look of your house or that great view. These climate control enclosures are engineered with e

Patio Enclosures No Matter Where You Live

While we are headquartered in Gonzales, Texas, we ship our products all over North America, including Canada. In fact, more than 80% of the covered patio enclosures that we build are shipped to customers all over the country. You can enjoy the benefits of a canopy enclosure curtain whether you live in a hot climate such as Arizona or Florida, somewhere with seasonal heat and cold like New York or Texas, or chillier climates like in Minnesota or North Dakota.

Our Patio Enclosure Design Consultants Are Top-Notch

Our team of patio enclosure professionals will work with you and provide you with all of the information you need. They’ll use pictures from your home and other resources to make the right decision before you buy canvas porch enclosures and other covered patio products for the summer or any season. These folks have years of experience, and there isn’t much that they haven’t seen. Any question you may have about how our patio products work on your structure, we can answer. They can even help you out with your Homeowner’s Association.

Outdoor Climate Controlled Enclosure Options

Our custom canvas enclosures can be ordered in a variety of stock colors, including black, brown, gray, white, tan/beige, or forest green. A wide selection of premium colors are available as well, so you can have canvas patio walls that match your decor. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that residential and business customers can obtain and customize canvas enclosures for patios that match their desires and brand and the expectations of their customers and clientele. 

Enclosure Guy also offers climate control enclosure accessories such as security screens, shades, ropes and pulleys, storage bags, extra large protection skirts, cleaning kits, and more. That way, you can have the patio enclosure or canopy enclosure curtain that provides the look, function, and convenience that you need.

Do It Yourself Patio Enclosures — or Have It Done for You!

New York Patio Enclosure CompanyMost of our clients do the installation by themselves, it’s that easy. However, there are some who choose to hire out the work and have removable walls for patio installations done professionally. The choice is yours! Either route, our helpful patio enclosure staff will be there to support you. They are trained and knowledgeable, so you can rest assured your climate controlled outdoor enclosure or canvas patio wall will be installed with care and professionalism.

Have we mentioned that Enclosure Guy has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? We’ve had that since October of 2007. That’s proof that we’re as good as we say we are. For more information on our climate-controlled Clear View patio enclosures and more, you can click the Quick Quote button at the top of the page to receive a FREE Quick Quote online, fill out our contact form or call by phone at (830) 445-4500