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Plant Protection

Solarium / Patio Enclosures that Provide Plant Protection

Set up a temporary sunroom on your patio.

Temporary Solarium / Patio Enclosures that Provide Plant Protection

When you enclose your back porch, patio, or sunroom, with our climate control patio enclosures and add space heaters during the cold months, you will be able to enjoy your plants long after the normal growing season and protect them from frost.

Use Your Solarium as a Winter Greenhouse

A solarium is a great way to extend the growing season into autumn or even winter. Many popular tropical and tender perennials such as ferns, coleus, geraniums, banana trees, mandevilla, and hibiscus can easily overwinter in your new enclosed space with a minimal amount of heat from space heaters.

Keep your plants inside the solarium during the colder months in order to:

  • Limit wind exposure. Heavy winds can damage your plants. A temporary enclosure will shield your plants from the wind and help them grow stronger.
  • Maintain optimal temperature. A sunroom works by holding in heat. By preventing warm air from escaping, it keeps temperature and humidity levels inside the enclosure at optimal levels. This allows your plants to thrive, even when the weather conditions are far from ideal.
  • Raise the soil temperature. Optimal air temperature also means optimal soil temperature, a must-have if you want your garden to make it through the chilly days of autumn or winter.
  • Prevent frost accumulation. A temporary sunroom prevents frost from accumulating on your plants and killing them.

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Get Ready for Spring

Your new room can also provide an excellent opportunity to get a head start on the spring gardening season. Add a bench or table with trays and plant lights and set up your own seed farm. Seeds started indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost can yield plants that are ready to go into the garden and produce much sooner than those directly sowed into the soil—and at a significantly lower cost than buying plants in the store.

Prepare for Summer

Your enclosure can help protect your garden during the summer months as well. Excessively warm weather can be just as harmful to some plants. Equip your sunroom with sunshades to reduce the hot temperature and wind from stressing or drying out your plants.

You can also grow potted herbs in your sun room year-round, and add a organic, savory flavors to any home-cooked meal. The possibilities for your climate controlled space truly are endless.

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