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Installing Sun Shades

Installing Outdoor Sun Shades

The installation of our exterior shades for patios is a relatively easy process. It takes just a few simple steps. Here is a quick overview of how to install our sun shades:

  • Install a 1½ inch track across the header where the shades/curtains will be mounted (all fasteners are supplied with product).
  • When hanging the curtains, slide them into the top of the track.
  • Insert the bottom tube into the bottom of the shade.
  • Install the cleat into the wood frame, to tie the curtains to when extended
  • Run a rope and pulley rigging, which helps move the curtains into position.


Enclosure Guy Takes the Stress out of Shading

Installing porch shades shouldn’t be stressful. We provide all the parts, and fasteners to get the job done right, and quickly. There’s no need to look for these elsewhere. Our products are also top quality, removing any hassles with mismatched parts or the wrong sizes. We also supply detailed instructions, so every step is clear, and no guesswork is required.

Superb Sunshades for Patio Installations

A quality product, a few quick steps, and a hassle-free installation yield a smooth-looking shade cloth for porches, pergolas, and all kinds of outdoor shelters. Our outdoor sun shades roll up and down with little effort. Can’t reach that far? No worries. The pulley and rigging let you position the shade and be protected from the sun.

Our shades are perfect for all home and business owners. Watch our video and click the Quick Quote button at the top of the page to receive a FREE Ballpark estimate online, fill out our contact form or call by phone at (830) 445-4500.