Wind Blocking Curtains

Your outdoor spaces can offer peace and calm whenever you need to take a rest and decompress from the stress of work and family. They are also essential if you run a customer-focused business. However, due to unpredictable weather or strong winds, your porch might become inaccessible.

Luckily, wind blocker tarps are structures you can mount around your porch, deck, or other outdoor areas to prevent the effects of strong winds. With a wind blocking panel, you gain access to your outdoor spaces, no matter the time of the year. 

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What Are Wind Blockers for Industrial and Residential Spaces? 

A wind blocking panel is a structure designed to protect outdoor areas, like decks and pavilions, against strong winds and rain. For instance, heavy-duty wind blockers might use stainless steel and vinyl to protect your property against the elements.

Clear wind blocker tarps are an amazing addition to residential and industrial properties. 

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Benefits of Wind Blocking Curtains for Homeowners and Industrial Properties

Girard Drop With Pulley KitAlthough the main benefit of wind blockers and clear custom tarps  is functionality, they have other advantages. Versatility, heat management, and other features are just some advantages of our restaurant wind blocking panels.

Here’s what heavy-wind enclosures offer for restaurants and industrial spaces: 

Increased Home Resale Value 

Besides the more obvious benefits, heavy-wind enclosures, especially the efficient and visually appealing models, make your property more desirable. Possible home buyers are always on the lookout for functional and beautifully designed spaces, which is when wind blocking curtains come in handy. 

Adding a plastic wind blocker by a reliable manufacturer means creating a space everyone can enjoy without sacrificing visual appeal. Luckily, Enclosure Guy is here to help with innovative designs and superior quality! 

Protection Against the Elements 

As we mentioned before, clear wind blockers are an excellent way to protect your outdoor areas from the elements and harsh weather conditions. Thanks to protection against rain, snow, and hail, you can extend your outdoor season all year round. 

However, the biggest benefit of wind blocking panels is the wind protection. An outdoor enclosure by Enclosure Guy can withstand strong winds up to 65 mph, which is essential in residential areas with storms.  

Customization Options 

Plastic wind blockers are designed to adapt to your home or business and not the other way around, so they come in multiple sizes and styles. Choosing the right color and material for your enclosure is essential to create a seamless, integrated look for your outdoor spaces. 

Although not all manufacturers offer custom models, at Enclosure Guy we strive to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. That’s why we focus on designing clear tarp curtains that are as visually pleasant as they are functional.

Eco-Friendly Solutions 

Clear tarp curtains are an excellent addition to eco-friendly homes and businesses. Instead of depending on the AC during the hottest summer days, you can leave your door open without worrying about unpredictable weather or pests. 

The blockers will promote fresh air and ventilation while keeping insects, like flies and mosquitoes, away from your family or customers. Some manufacturers, like Enclosure Guy, also use innovative designs to maximize airflow and ventilation.

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Why Choose Enclosure Guy for Heavy-Wind Enclosures and Wind Blocking Curtains? 

Wind Blocking CurtainsHere are some benefits of choosing Enclosure Guy for clear tarp curtains for residential and industrial use: 

Reliable Customer Service and Warranty 

All our products are protected by our 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that if there’s a problem down the road, you won’t deal with it alone. Additionally, we offer exceptional customer service based on clear communication, respect, and reliability. 

Wind Blocking Curtains with Reinforced Borders and a Retractable Design 

Years of experience in the industry have given us the insight to innovate and create new and better ways to protect your outdoor spaces. Because of this expertise, we have added reinforced borders to all our enclosures, providing better protection and increasing safety. 

That’s not everything. We’ve also designed retractable and removable residential wind blockers. They allow you to transform your patio easily and when necessary. Additionally, we use intuitive mounting tracks for easier installation and use in all our patio wind blockers. 

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Find the Perfect Wind Blocker Tarp with Enclosure Guy

Are you looking for high-quality clear wind blockers for your home or business? Look no further than Enclosure Guy. 

We have everything you need to reclaim access to your outdoor areas and pavilions. Contact us at (830) 445-4500 for more information about our patio wind blockers and clear custom tarps!