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100% Fit Assurance Guarantee

Enclosure Guy guarantees every project’s fit by including a FREE Design Consult with our design/ engineer and founder, Clint R. Oliveira. With more than thirty years of experience, he will walk you and/or your contractor through the measuring process via phone & photo. You will be required to take and submit photos of the area where the product is to be installed. For projects that are very complex, Enclosure Guy does offer an on-site field survey starting $250.00 (local) and up to $2,500.00 (nationwide) when a customer and/or representative cannot or will not provide the necessary information required to design and/or build the project. Enclosure Guy will additionally, at no cost, provide a verbal installation tutorial to a local installer during such on-site survey/verifications if the end-user elects not to employ Enclosure Guy for the installation. If any curtain or screen does not fit, Enclosure Guy will re-work and/or replace the product free of charge. Customer will be required to pay for shipping, costs of removal and cost of re-installation, if any.

Horizontal (track and trolley) sliding curtains will appear (at initial installation) dramatically oversized. Our designer has added the lateral shrinkage into the main body of the curtain. ALL curtains will shrink from their designed nominal dimensions. Drop or roll-down curtains include filler (expansion) flaps to accommodate for lateral shrinkage that MUST be inserted once the curtains have become taut to avoid damaging the zipper closures and stitching, which is NOT warranted.