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Patio Curtains in Williamsburg

Patio Enclosures and Restaurant Patio Sunscreens for Homes and Businesses in Williamsburg, VA

For such a small town, there’s always a lot going on in Williamsburg. Whether it’s the visitors descending on the historical sites, or the students at the College of William & Mary, the action is never far away! Unfortunately, the same can be said for the weather, which sometimes seems to never let up. There’s snow in the winter, oppressive heat and humidity in the summer, and rain and wind all throughout the year. The only way to beat it and still do all the things you love, rain, hail, or shine, is with our residential patio enclosures and outdoor patio sunscreens.

The weather also makes maintenance hard for homeowners in Williamsburg. In practically every season, from winter through to summer, there’s always some part of the deck, patio, or backyard to look after. There’s leaves to sweep, puddles and stains to scrub away, snow to clear, and so much more! Our home patio enclosures and outdoor privacy screens make the whole process much, much easier for those who don’t have time to clean every day. Since our outdoor patio curtains protect your outdoor areas just as much as they protect you, all those annoyances simply won’t get inside anymore.

As a business in Williamsburg, you’ll know just how much weather can play a part in your profits and how many customers you’ll get. With so many tourists and visitors—not to mention students—in the city, there’s a lot of opportunity knocking. But unless you have outdoor restaurant curtains, and unless they’re comfortable and protected through worst weather and all-year round, that opportunity could go to waste. With our outdoor restaurant curtains, you can utilize your outdoor space effectively and draw in customers for a unique Williamsburg al fresco experience.

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Clear Patio Curtains and Outdoor Patio Enclosures

Our outdoor enclosures are designed from the ground up to give you unrivalled protection in all Williamsburg conditions. The thick, rain-clear vinyl used is abrasion resistant, frost resistant, and flame retardant, and able to hold strong under any stress while still giving you spectacular views of Williamsburg. RF-welded seams, rugged double zippers, triple stitching, and custom-designed fastening buckles on each unit also make sure you and your outdoor windscreen is ready to weather any storm, no matter when it happens.

Buy the best for you, your family, and your business. Invest in Williamsburg outdoor patio curtains that are built to last.

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