Outdoor Clear Drop Shades in Tempe, AZ

Residential Patio Enclosures and Outdoor Restaurant Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Tempe, AZ

Cities in the desert, like Tempe, AZ, have their own unique challenges when it comes to outdoor living. Sure, they’re fairly dry throughout the year, but there are plenty of other things out there which can disturb an otherwise pleasant day in the sun. There’s wind, there’s dust, there’s insects, and of course there’s the sun itself, which can get far too hot without adequate shade. So if you’re a homeowner wanting to make full use of your patio or backyard all year round, or a business owner wanting to offer more to your customers, a durable and attractive outdoor enclosure makes sense.

If you’re running out of room in the home, our clear patio curtains represent a wonderful opportunity to extend for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. In essence, our outdoor privacy screens and outdoor windscreens in Tempe, AZ provide such good coverage that they effectively convert your deck or patio into another room. You can put anything you like in there, and it’ll be protected.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your business in a city like Tempe, AZ is to take advantage of the sunshine and offer an attractive outdoor alternative to your customers. Diners and drinkers alike love an al fresco option, and even more so when they’re free from other annoyances like bugs and wind. Come wintertime, you don’t even have to pack up. Simply add a heater or two to your restaurant patio sunscreens and your customers will keep coming back for that unique cozy experience.

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Every one of our custom outdoor patio sunscreens in Tempe, AZ affords perfect protection. We sell:

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Outdoor Restaurant Curtains

Stylish and durable, our complete range of outdoor patio curtains are designed to keep everything out except the view. The rugged, rain-clear vinyl is both frost and flame resistant and will last through all types of rough weather in Tempe, AZ, continually looking great with minimal maintenance. We’ve also developed proprietary systems to make setting up and securing your outdoor patio curtain in Tempe, AZ as stress-free as possible. Your home patio enclosure is also designed to fit exactly to the specifications of your patio, backyard, or outdoor area.

Take the next step towards having the home or business you’ve always wanted in Tempe, AZ. By installing one of our outdoor patio enclosures, you can create a dream space in Tempe, AZ at a very affordable price.

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