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Outdoor Drop Shades in Seattle, WA

Home Patio Enclosures and Clear Patio Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Seattle

Recent years have seen some extreme weather patterns over Seattle, with strong winds, snow, and rain driving many people indoors. Businesses and homes with an outdoor space have found that without a quality outdoor windscreen, they’re simply not able to take advantage of Seattle’s incredible nature anymore. An outdoor patio enclosure is a great solution and an affordable investment that will see you through all kinds of weather conditions safely and comfortably.

Enjoy Your Seattle Patio No Matter the Weather

While people across Seattle love to use their patios, they do present a problem if they’re not covered. What do you do with your furniture when it rains? What about your plants when it snows? And what happens when insects arrive in the middle of a dinner party? An outdoor patio curtain is the answer to all of these problems! Seattle homeowners concerned about their power usage should also realize that an outdoor privacy screen effectively insulates your patio against sudden temperature fluctuations, automatically keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, lowering your energy bills.

Seattle businesses that thrive in outdoor settings, like bars, restaurants, and cafes, already know the value of an outdoor space in attracting and seating more customers. With an outdoor restaurant curtain, your Seattle business can have that all year round! Stylish and affordable, our restaurant patio sunscreens are the ultimate investment for businesses looking to drive both profits and customer satisfaction.

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Here are just some of the solutions we provide to homes and businesses across Seattle:

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Enclosures

Remember, you can only get the full weatherproof benefits of a patio enclosure in Seattle with the right materials. While our competitors can cut corners in order to offer a cheaper product, we make sure that each and every one of our commercial and residential patio enclosures is of the utmost quality and won’t let you down. From the incredibly tough, abrasion-resistant, rain-clear vinyl to the RF-welded, marine-grade triple stitching and seams, these outdoor patio enclosures are designed to last.

Enclosure Guy has also made sure that operation of your outdoor patio curtain is as simple as can be, with several of our own innovative design advancements—together with a 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee—ensure total protection in just a few seconds, even in strong winds and heavy rain.

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