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Outdoor Drop Shades in San Francisco

Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Patio Enclosures for Homes and Businesses in San Francisco, CA

In the past, you could only enjoy the benefits of your patio when the weather in San Francisco was just right. But with a simple and affordable outdoor patio enclosure, Enclosure Guy makes year-round dining, entertaining, and living possible for any outdoor space. Perfect for businesses as well as homes in San Francisco, a high-quality outdoor windscreen lets you fully enjoy the great outdoors without any hassle or worry.

An Outdoor Patio Enclosure for All Seasons

Summer in San Francisco, for example, brings fierce sunshine. Winter without a residential patio enclosure is characterized by ceaseless rain and biting winds. Spring in San Francisco is when allergens like pollen and dust come out to ruin your day, and fall will bring in showers, leaves, insects, and more if your space isn’t protected by a durable outdoor patio curtain. You could try to endure all this, or you could sit in your San Francisco patio enclosure safe, warm, and dry no matter what’s happening outside.

New money is pouring in throughout the Bay Area and San Francisco, leading to an explosion of dining establishments, bars, and cafes. If you own a business in the industry, a restaurant patio sunscreen will make yours stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of the hospitality revolution in San Francisco with a clear patio curtain that can offer charming al fresco dining all year round, boost your aesthetics and image, and substantially increase capacity and profits.

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Ready to make the right investment in a home patio enclosure? We can help you get started in San Francisco, with our range of:

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Enclosures

Setting up our outdoor privacy screens is a snap, and with rugged quick-pull double zippers and a handy split ring and pole assembly, you’ll never be caught short by surprise San Francisco weather. We build all of our outdoor patio curtains to stringent specifications and your own measurements, and our weatherproof outdoor patio sunscreens come with a 100% fit assurance guarantee for San Francisco customers. If it’s not right the first time, we’ll fix it free of charge.

You can drastically improve your home or business with only a small expense. To find out more and get a free quote, call Enclosure Guy at (830) 445-4500 today!

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