Outdoor Clear Patio Curtains in Raleigh, NC

Outdoor Enclosures and Outdoor Restaurant Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Raleigh, NC

Known across the United States for our dedication to quality craftsmanship, Enclosure Guy is the only choice for durable, all-weather outdoor privacy screens in Raleigh. We’ve been honing craft and designs for over 30 years, consistently improving on our material selection, build quality, and durability, leaving you with a finished outdoor patio curtain that will stand up to years of extreme Raleigh weather. Our patio enclosures are built to last anything that Raleigh can muster, including driving rain, high winds, strong sunlight, snow, frost, and more.

Raleigh’s Choice for Custom-Fitted Outdoor Enclosures

Families in Raleigh with young ones or allergy sufferers can protect their outdoor space easily with a residential patio enclosure. Complete coverage and a custom fit from your outdoor patio enclosure means there’s nothing to bother you when you’re dining, entertaining, or relaxing. In fact, the only thing that will get in your outdoor patio sunscreens is a beautiful Raleigh view!

Clear patio curtains are also important for businesses in Raleigh, who rely on their outdoor dining and drinking areas to draw customers. Whether you’re a bar, cafe, restaurant, or function space—in fact, anywhere with an outdoor terrace or patio in Raleigh—a restaurant patio sunscreen enables your business to quickly and easily turn an area immune to inclement Raleigh weather. This means more customers all year long, and more revenue that you can reinvest into making your Raleigh business the best it can be.

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Our home patio enclosures are perfect for every Raleigh property, whether it's commercial or residential. We can provide affordable:

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Patio Enclosures

At Enclosure Guy, we’re proud of each and every one of the outdoor windscreens we build. Every single one we make for our Raleigh customers is designed, cut, and fitted to your exact specifications, and uses only the best materials available on the market.

Our vinyl is not only flame retardant and rated to withstand sustained sub-zero temperatures, it’s also perfectly clear and beautiful to look at. Whether you’re after style, safety, or both, Enclosure Guy has the outdoor patio curtain for you.

Our outdoor patio enclosures are the best in Raleigh, at a price you’ll love. To find out more and get a free quote, call Enclosure Guy at (830) 445-4500 today!
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