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Drop Enclosures can be rolled down during inclement weather to help block wind, rain, snow, or pollen. When favorable weather allows, simply roll up your Drop Enclosure and fasten into place.

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Step 4: Measurements

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**Any irregular shapes, configurations, obstructions, walk-throughs or number of sides, etc. will be reconciled during the FREE design consult via phone & photo and submitted for your final approval and deposit**


Enclosure Guy’s heavy-duty marine-grade zippered panels attach to each other vertically and seal to the structure, providing extreme weather protection, making them 100% weather- and pollen-proof. Our competitors’ solutions for “weatherproofing” are overlapping the panels, using Velcro, snaps, turn fasteners, grommet eyelets, inferior zippers, or nothing at all. Each of these compromised solutions has inherent design flaws and provides sub-par results & poor user experience.

Our flexible (coil) zippers are three (3X) times stronger than an average (Vislon / big tooth) zipper employed by some competitors, if at all.

**For end-user safety and convenience, we also provide a pole hook, so you don’t have to climb on a ladder to zip and unzip your enclosures.


Enclosure Guy’s mounting tracks are made of high-quality aluminum with an 8.5 mm Kevlar (rope) Welting sewn at the top of all our curtains for superior strength & wind rating. Enclosure Guy’s tracks are warrantied for five (5) years, opposed to our competitor’s light-duty, snap on, Velcro, turn fastener or grommet eyelets, which carry no warranty or wind rating.


We add (lower) pipe stiffeners to every enclosure to increase strength, rigidity and ease of use when rolling. We sew the pipe above the bottom into its own individual pocket (about seven inches up from the bottom of the curtain) so that it does not chafe and last longer. While incorporating a bottom (sure seal) sweeper to keep the elements outside.

Our competitors either create their enclosures without a pipe, give you the option to purchase this separately, or install pipes at the very bottom of the curtain so that the enclosure drags on the ground, chafing a hole in the pocket where the pipe is, leading it to fall out. Because of the careful placement of our pipes, there is far less wear and tear over time.


Our curtains don’t “clip.” They are kept in place by a hold-down straps assembly, made with marine-grade hardware stainless steel, creating a strong & adjustable wind-load-rated connection.

Our competitors have attempted to replicate our hold-down straps with inexpensive, ineffective materials. The Enclosure Guy difference is two-fold. Our straps are custom-crafted in the USA and an oversized, Long Neck Rolled Rim Spur Grommet (the grommet) at the top of the strap assembly is pressed onto the curtain @ 1,500 psi pressure.

Above the trigger snap is a heavy-duty strap adjuster. When you pull this to adjust your straps, it does not backtrack. To release the pressure, you simply pull on the plastic at the bottom.


Does the curtain clip on the sides?
Yes, we offer vertical zippered “Connector (C/F) Flaps” (see image below) that attach to the right or left side of the curtain for optimal security. This will seal the system, limit billowing & keep the weather from coming in around the sides.
What do I do when my zippers get too tight?
Over time, you can expect your curtains to naturally shrink by one percent, causing the zippers to get tight. To extend the life of the curtain we have created “Expansion (E/F) Flaps”, increasing the longevity of the curtain and ease-of-use.
Do we offer doors for your enclosure?
Yes! We have “Magnetic (M/F) Flaps” with Zippers creating doors for your enclosure. Wind load rated design built in, simply leave un-zipped & push through the magnetic flaps and they will clip behind you with ease. Perfect for those high traffic areas and emergency egress.


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"The Innovative Solutions Company Since 1983"

Enclosure Guy’s superior design and marine grade quality of materials is built to last. We have the highest standards in the industry. We offer zippered enclosures (not velcro and snaps) to secure our curtains together. Our aluminum tracks provide a superior strength in heavy weather. The adjustable hold-down assembly that Enclosure Guy employs has a wind loading to 65 mph, not 20 mph like some of our competitors.