The Highest-Quality Screen Porch Kits for Awnings

Residential Slide Mesh Patio EnclosureYour awning can create a perfect outdoor space for gathering with family and friends while enjoying a summer afternoon. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy that same space all year round? That’s possible by adding a high-quality screen and plastic panel on each side of your awning

What Is a Screen Porch Awning? 

A screen porch plastic panel is a protective barrier around the open sides of your awning to keep the weather and insects away. With one of these devices, you can protect yourself from extreme weather conditions, like strong winds and constant rain or snow, while enjoying your outdoor space. 

This protective barrier can also keep away pests like mosquitoes and other insects, which is perfect for homes in humid and hot areas. 

How Much Do Awning Plastic Panels and Awning Mesh Enclosures Usually Cost?

A high-quality awning screen panel costs between $600 and $1200. The reason for such a big price difference is that it all depends on your awning size. The bigger the awning, the more expensive the screen porch panel will be. The material used for the panels will also make the price vary. 

Benefits of Awnings with Clear Vinyl Panels

Img Mesh With Clear MinScreen panels for awnings are popular for homes because of their numerous benefits. These advantages vary depending on where you live and which type of awning screen panel you choose. 

Here are the main benefits of adding an awning screen enclosure to your home: 

Increase Your Home’s Usable Space All Year Round

Your awning gives you the power to reclaim your outdoor spaces no matter how sunny it gets where you live. However, when it rains, snows, or there are some powerful winds, awnings don’t offer any protection. That can change if you install a screen panel, which provides a protective layer against the elements.

Due to this extra layer of protection, you can use your awning all year round without worrying about the weather. Your screen porch panel can even help keep pests away, depending on the material you choose. 

No More Mosquito Bites! 

One of the main reasons people add screen panels for awnings to their homes is because of mosquitoes. If you live in a hot and humid area, mosquitoes are likely a problem for you and your family when you’re trying to enjoy some time outside. However, bites won’t be a problem with an awning mesh enclosure

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Giving possible buyers the benefit of enjoying their future awning year-round helps increase your home’s resale value. Potential buyers are always looking for curb appeal, functionality, and outdoor spaces. The right porch screen panel will give you all those benefits and more!

Types of Patio Awning Enclosure Kits

These are the most popular awning enclosure kits available for residential and commercial use: 

Retractable or Removable Patio Curtain for Awnings 

New Brunswick Business And Residential Clear Plastic Patio EnclosuresA standard patio curtain for porch awnings can be used all year round, but there might be months in which you’d prefer not to use yours. That’s why reliable manufacturers have designed their products to be fully removable or retractable. Through this design, you can remove and store your screen panels when not needed. 

Mesh Screen Porch Walls for Awnings

Also known as mosquito curtains for awnings, this screen panel protects you against mosquitoes and other insects without increasing the heat inside your enclosed awning. Because they use mesh instead of clear plastic, they also provide better airflow and ventilation, ideal for homes in areas with scorching and humid summers. 

Clear Vinyl Plastic Awning Panels

An awning plastic enclosure is the way to go for the best protection against the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or hailing, clear plastic patio enclosures for your awning will keep you safe and protected. Some models are even suitable for adding a heater or an outdoor air conditioner to the mix. 

Benefits of Screen Panels for Awnings by Enclosure Guy

Residential Gazebo EnclosuresThrough years of experience in the industry, we’ve made some innovative additions to our product line. From three-sided plastic awning porch kits to mosquito mesh and more, our products are all about quality, durability, and the best possible user experience. 

These are the additional benefits of choosing Enclosure Guy as your provider for high-quality mesh and clear plastic awning enclosures

  • Our outdoor enclosures and screens are designed to provide the highest level of quality and durability. Unlike some other enclosure manufacturers, we put extra care into our screens and clear enclosures. That way, you won’t have to worry about replacements or costly maintenance. 
  • We offer 100% code compliance and fire-rated panels. Because of this feature, our enclosures are safer for your home and can provide you with better peace of mind. 
  • All our screens and clear plastic enclosures offer a complete weather barrier. Because of the quality and care we put into our products, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, from snow and extreme rain to strong winds. 
  • Enclosure Guy guarantees easy-to-operate-and-store enclosures for every need. When you want to stop using your screen panels, you can easily remove them and store them until you need them again. 
  • We know there can be problems down the road, so we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. It’s a five-year hassle-free warranty that covers most of the most common issues with enclosures. 
  • Because we value our clients, we have some of the most affordable products available. Using direct-from-factory prices, our team guarantees your satisfaction while easing the pressure on your wallet.

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