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Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Newark, NJ

Newark Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Home Patio Enclosures

Whether you attend a show at The New Jersey Performing Arts Center or take a walk in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ offers plentiful opportunities to be out and about. Enclosure Guy’s restaurant patio sunscreens allow your customers to continue to enjoy the outdoors while having a protected enclosed space and unobstructed views. Our outdoor patio curtains afford a pleasant dining experience in Newark, no matter what the temperature outside is. They hold up in rain, snow, high heat, and strong winds.

Our patio enclosures are not only weatherproof but visually appealing. Outdoor windscreens keep things calm and cozy in the worst of weather. Rain, dust, leaves, and even bugs are kept out of Newark’s cafes and bars. You can unwind for brunch but also benefit from outdoor patio enclosures for your home, without pollen or other allergens to keep you away from the deck, patio, or backyard. Outdoor patio sunscreens will protect you from the sun and still provide comfort on the hottest summer days.

While our outdoor privacy screens let you and your family enjoy quality time at home, our outdoor clear restaurant curtains do wonders for businesses in the Newark hospitality industry. They can expand your usable space and draw in more customers, not to mention improve the image of your business. In fact, our outdoor enclosures draw attention and customer loyalty for just about any restaurant or hospitality business.

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Custom-Made Patio Enclosures with Style and Function

We’ve been installing outdoor patio enclosures since 1983. With decades of experience, we have perfected a rugged, clear vinyl that resists the elements while improving comfort in all outdoor conditions in Newark. Our proprietary installation process saves time while unique fastening mechanisms keep our outdoor restaurant curtains and patio enclosures safe and secure.

Before installing outdoor patio curtains in Newark, we carefully measure your space and custom-design the finished product. From sun shades to outdoor bug screens, we include our 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee—and if they don’t meet your requirements, we fix restaurant and home patio enclosures for free.

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