Outdoor Clear Patio Enclosures in Jacksonville, FL

Residential Patio Enclosures and Restaurant Patio Sunscreens for Homes and Businesses in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville has so much of what makes Florida wonderful: beautiful sunshine, amazing beaches, and a wonderful community to enjoy the outdoors with. Unfortunately, it also has some annoyances that are common to Florida, including sudden stormy weather and hordes of stinging insects. Sometimes that sun can get to be a little too much, too! But if you’re looking for a way to really take advantage of your outdoor spaces in Jacksonville – and let’s face it, who isn’t – and use them all year round, there is a solution: our weatherproof, custom designed outdoor patio curtains.

Our outdoor patio enclosures are the right choice for any family looking to make their outdoor space function no matter what’s outside. The ability to keep your furniture permanently outdoors makes entertaining at any time a breeze, and you can even set up your very own outdoor entertainment system and never have to worry about it getting damaged, or simply just use your outdoor privacy screens as a storage space when there’s no longer any room in the house. These same advantages are obvious to any future Jacksonville homeowners, too, who are often prepared to pay above and beyond if the outdoor space is fitted with a durable clear patio curtain.

Business owners in Jacksonville usually keep their eye on day-to-day operations and profits rather than long-term gain, and in this respect our patio enclosures provide a consistently excellent return on investment. It’s not just about the extra seating capacity for year-round dining, drinking, and socializing of your customers. Al fresco dining is an attractive proposition, especially in Jacksonville and the Southern states, and an outdoor restaurant curtain instantly raises the attractiveness of your business to any foot traffic.


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Your property is unique, which is why we build our range of outdoor patio enclosures to your exact specifications. We can provide:

  • Clear Outdoor Patio Curtains For Homes In Jacksonville FlJacksonville Outdoor Patio Enclosures
  • Jacksonville Sun Shades
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Patio Curtains
  • Jacksonville Restaurant Patio Sunscreens
  • Jacksonville Backyard Custom Sun Shades
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Bug Screens
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Windscreens
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Restaurant Curtains
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Clear Windscreens
  • Jacksonville Clear Curtains for Restaurants
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Privacy Screens
  • Jacksonville Mosquito Curtains
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Clear Restaurant Curtains
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Clear Patio Sunscreens
  • Jacksonville Outdoor Patio Sunscreens

The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Patio Curtains

Enclosure Guy’s outdoor windscreens are the best on the market in Jacksonville, and the only ones you can rely on in a storm. For years we’ve been designing and building outdoor enclosures specifically for tropical and extreme conditions just like in Jacksonville, and we know what it takes to build a system that not only protects you and your home, but lasts a long time doing it. It’s in the hand-selected and hand-cut rugged clear vinyl, in the RF-welded triple-stitched seams, and it’s in the proprietary fastening systems that keep you safe and dry through anything.

Of course, our outdoor patio sunscreens aren’t just unbeatably tough. They’re also beautifully stylish, too, making them a wonderful advertisement for your business, or a part of your home in Jacksonville that you’re truly proud of.

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