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Outdoor Drop Shades in Iowa City

Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Patio Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Iowa City

American owned and American made, our outdoor patio enclosures are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and terrible weather. From storms and snow to dust and wind, we know exactly what you face as a home or business owner in Iowa City, and we can provide the ultimate shelter with our residential patio enclosures.

To put it simply, home patio enclosures give you and your family the flexibility to live life in Iowa City the way you want to. Starting to get cold out? It doesn’t matter: you could still have a dinner party out on your protected deck if you wanted. Starting to feel cooped up indoors? Avoid the winter blues and enjoy some sunshine without risking your health, all with the coverage of a weatherproof outdoor patio sunscreen.

As a business ourselves, we know what it’s like to spend time and effort building up a loyal customer base. In Iowa City, like anywhere else, making them happy and getting them coming back is a top priority. That’s why our outdoor restaurant curtains work so well. With our outdoor enclosures in Iowa City, your bar, cafe, or restaurant gets to offer something that not many other businesses can: a comfortable outdoor space that can be used at all times. Don’t underestimate how happy this can make customers in Iowa City, or how much they’ll appreciate the effort you put in for your business.

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We offer patio enclosures for every kind of home or business. Choose from:

  • Iowa City Restaurant And Home Patio Plastic CurtainsIowa City Outdoor Clear Patio Sunscreens
  • Iowa City Outdoor Bug Screens
  • Iowa City Backyard Custom Sun Shades
  • Iowa City Mosquito Curtains
  • Iowa City Outdoor Clear Windscreens
  • Iowa City Restaurant Patio Sunscreens
  • Iowa City Outdoor Patio Sunscreens
  • Iowa City Outdoor Privacy Screens
  • Iowa City Outdoor Windscreens
  • Iowa City Outdoor Clear Restaurant Curtains
  • Iowa City Outdoor Patio Enclosures
  • Iowa City Clear Curtains for Restaurants
  • Iowa City Outdoor Restaurant Curtains
  • Iowa City Outdoor Patio Curtains
  • Iowa City Sun Shades

The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Restaurant Patio Sunscreens and Outdoor Patio Curtains

If low maintenance and high quality are your priorities in Iowa City, always choose us for your outdoor windscreens. All of our custom designs come with the same tough, clear vinyl and stitching that’s used for the most demanding marine applications, and come backed by a 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee. So if you don’t get total protection from our clear patio curtains in Iowa City, we’ll fix it until you’re happy.

Serving customers across Iowa City and all of the U.S. for decades, Enclosure Guy is the trusted choice for an outdoor privacy screen or outdoor patio enclosure that won’t ever let you down.

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