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7 Changes to Increase Patronage in Your Restaurant

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Is your restaurant low on patrons? There can be many reasons why customers are not returning. Customer service may be poor or there may be issues with food quality. Perhaps your menu is lacking healthy choices, the restaurant has cleanliness issues, or your service is inconsistent. Addressing these can improve restaurant sales. At Enclosure Guy, our experience shows us what works for attracting restaurant patrons. Here are some ideas to improve restaurant business at your establishment:

1.  Be Unique and Stand Out

Organizing events can help your brand stand out. Hosting birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events; booking local music bands; or having food or wine tastings are great ways to get attention. You can even engage patrons by hosting cooking competitions. These events can be even more beneficial for a restaurant with a patio because passersby have more visibility into what’s going on.

2.  Update Your Branding

Perhaps you’re not drawing customers because your brand isn’t well-recognized. Fortunately, this can be addressed by taking steps to build your brand. Create a recognizable logo and display it consistently on your restaurant sign and menu and in your advertising. A consistent color theme helps as well.

Also, consistently highlight specific menu items or create happy hour specials or an incentive program or actively engage your customers on social media. Creating a Wi-Fi landing page can make your business more accessible in the minds of consumers. It also helps to partner with local businesses; customers often take notice if you purchase ingredients from local producers. Just make sure to mention it when marketing your restaurant on paper or social media.

3. Cater to Your Customers More

You can learn a lot about how to improve restaurant service by listening to your customers. When you receive direct verbal feedback, written reviews, or comments on social media, use them to your advantage, even if they are negative. You can respond by explaining the circumstances or describing the improvements that you are making.

Also, listen to what customers want; perhaps your clientele is looking for healthier menu options that include, for example, gluten-free, vegan and plant-based, or low-calorie items. It can also help to keep your menu short and simple so patrons easily understand it and can read through it quickly.

4.  Compensate for Wait Times

If patrons often have to wait to be seated, determine how to improve the customer experience in your restaurant during that time. Why not have samples to pass out or install water stations so they can eat and drink while they wait? Installing televisions can keep them entertained.

Free guest Wi-Fi is another bonus; it enables you to leverage customers’ attention by providing incentives on your Wi-Fi landing page; once a patron is there, they can have the option of inputting their name and email address. At the very least, they can use your Wi-Fi to access the internet for entertainment without using up their allotted data plans.

5.  Make Small Changes to Upgrade the Atmosphere

Seemingly minor alterations such as adding new menu items or installing new wall art can make a difference. If your seating layout is a bit outdated or tight, making improvements here can improve the atmosphere of your restaurant. Another area to consider is atmospheric lighting. Make sure every part of the space is adequately lit, including the corners of the room. Soft lighting is most relaxing for patrons. If you have an outdoor patio, lamp posts and LED string lights can help create an atmosphere your guests are looking for.

6. Accommodate for the Seasons Year-Round

patio restaurant with clear vinyl curtains

This is especially true if you have a patio restaurant. To accommodate patrons year-round, your outdoor space must be protected against the elements. Patio enclosures and clear vinyl curtains from Enclosure Guy shield your patio from rain or snow. They also protect patrons against extreme heat or bitter cold.

People love to be outside on sunny days. However, sun can be a nightmare for restaurant owners and other merchants; despite it being a nice day, no one likes sunlight in their eyes. Sun shades can be an asset for your restaurant, cafe, or bar.

Also, consider what happens when inclement or windy weather suddenly changes the day. With outdoor patio enclosures, instead of shuffling everyone indoors, guests can stay where they are and continue enjoying their dining experience without their place setting blowing away.

7.  Curb Appeal

The overall look of your patio can be enough to entice patrons to check out your restaurant. Attractive decor, lighting, and patio curtains influence what people see, day or night. Combined with the sight and smell of food, these can be powerful incentives.

Another strong element is music. Not only is it vital for creating the atmosphere you want but blocks noises from the street, such as car engines, honking horns, and other distractions. Install a speaker system that allows music to reach customers dining outside and which can even be heard from the street. Live music is a definite bonus and has proven time and time again to attract passersby, who may become one-time or regular customers. It can even increase revenue on a slower night.

Enclosure Guy Can Help Increase Restaurant Patronage

Durham Business Residential Clear Plastic Patio EnclosuresMany different customizable solutions are available to help draw more customers to your restaurant. We are proud to have worked with some of the best restaurants in the nation, and we hope that the restaurant marketing tips for restaurant owners we’ve provided here help your business thrive. Our company has been selling high-quality products to home and business owners since 1983. These have benefited restaurants, public and private clubs, concert venues, and wedding venues.

Here is a look at what we offer, which represents the market’s highest quality materials and engineering practices. Plus, each can be designed to your precise specifications:

  • Clear Commercial Outdoor Patio Curtains: These can be quickly opened and closed by one person and stored out of sight when retracted. The clear curtains can also withstand winds of up to 65 mph, thanks to welded bottoms, adjustable tie-down assemblies, and industrial grade zippers. Curtains with vertical (zippered) closures or weather flaps are available. A welded stainless steel clip and D-ring further increase stability. A variety of other design features keep the curtains secure and protect patrons from all types of weather conditions.
  • SunTex90 Patio Enclosures: Solve the problem of sunlight bothering the eyes of patrons with these. Sunlight can cause the color of furnishings and products to degrade as well. Outdoor sun shades from Enclosure Guy make things more convenient for everyone and can last for many years. Constructed from high-quality polyester and vinyl on a polyester fabric, SunTex90 sun shades are also mildew- and fade-resistant. They have a high fire classification rating, as well, to meet the strictest building codes.

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