The Best Garage Door Screens for Every Need

Your garage is more than just the place where you park your car. For many homeowners, it’s a place to store everyday and valuable objects, big or small. 

Because of the valuable items you might keep in your garage, keeping them safe from the elements and pests is a must. This is where garage door screens come in handy. 

What Is a Garage Door Screen Enclosure? 

Lifestyle screens, or garage door screens, are layers of plastic or mesh that cover the entryway to your garage. These mesh or plastic covers prevent insects and other pests from entering your home while protecting your garage from the elements. 

They are so effective that you can turn your garage into an open-air living space with one of these screen enclosures. You wouldn’t need to close your garage door unless it is for safety reasons!

How Much Do Screen Enclosures for Garage Doors Usually Cost? 

Depending on your garage size, a high-quality garage door enclosure can cost between $400 to $1,000. You can make one yourself, but, unless you are a pro at DIY projects, we recommend choosing a model from the professionals.

Benefits of Garage Door Screen Systems

These are the advantages of adding a garage door screen system to your home: 

More Usable Space at Home 

Adding a garage door screen increases the usable area in your home by helping you reclaim your garage. You’ll have more area to work with without worrying about safety, pests, and other inconveniences. Better yet, the best outdoor screen manufacturers also design their products to fit your home’s style and available space. 

Keep Pests Away! 

Garage door screens will keep pests away from your family and possessions. These protective barriers keep mosquitoes, flies, rodents, and other pests outside your home. No need to worry about your family or your safety!

Better Energy Efficiency 

Some garage door plastic screens seal your garage completely, keeping the external weather outside. Therefore, a screen can enhance the efficiency of your air conditioner or heater, reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Protection Against Pollutants and Weather

Adding an outdoor screen to your garage will protect your home against mild pollutants like dirt and sand. If you get a plastic model, it will also add a layer of protection against the weather and elements. 

Types of Garage Door Screen Enclosures

Finding the perfect garage door enclosure for your home is the first step toward a year-round garage space. Here are the most popular types of garage door screen systems and enclosures available: 

Side Sliding Garage Screen Doors

The sliding design makes your life easier by allowing you to open or close the screen without too much physical effort. There are two options for sliding screen doors for your garage: mesh and plastic.  

Sliding garage door plastic screens are convenient options for homes located in areas with extreme weather conditions. Plastic is much more resistant than mesh, giving your garage better protection against the elements. 

On the other hand, garage door mesh screens are a better option for garage doors in hot and humid climates. They provide better airflow and breathability, allowing hot air to circulate while keeping insects and other pests out of your garage. 

Garage Privacy Screens

A garage privacy screen is an enclosure designed to increase your home’s privacy and safety without sealing your garage completely. A privacy screen blocks the view from the outside without sacrificing the view from the inside of the garage. 

It’s an excellent option for families with small kids, allowing them to feel safe while playing in the garage. Alternatively, for homeowners with valuable items stored in their garages, a privacy screen can increase your home’s safety. 

Retractable Plastic Screens for Garages Doors

Plastic winter panels are becoming increasingly popular among American homeowners for an all-season garage setting. They create a comfortable and safe environment for your garage, allowing you to enjoy it year-round without worrying about insects, pests, or the weather.

Benefits of Garage Door Screens by Enclosure Guy

We are one of the most reliable enclosure providers because we understand our clients’ needs. Through quality, affordability, and style, we manufacture some of the best garage curtains and garage door mesh enclosures

These are the additional benefits of choosing Enclosure Guy as your provider for high-quality mesh and plastic enclosures for garage doors

  • All our outdoor enclosures are designed with the highest levels of quality. Because of this commitment to quality, we provide some of the most durable and reliable garage door plastic curtains and clear vinyl winter panels
  • Our enclosures offer full code compliance and fire-rated panels. This feature increases your home’s safety and provides the perfect setting for an all-year-round open space. 
  • Our screen enclosures provide total weather barriers. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, from constant rain and snow to strong winds.  
  • We provide easy-to-operate and store enclosures. When the time’s right, you can easily remove and store your brand-new garage door screen system until you need it again. 
  • At Enclosure Guy, we offer an excellent warranty to all our customers. We know there can always be problems, so we offer a five-year warranty plan! 
  • All our products have a direct-from-factory price. We help you save money by providing superior affordability without sacrificing quality or durability. 

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