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Expand Your Restaurant and Cut Wait Times This Winter with an Outdoor Patio Enclosure

When winter arrives, there’s only one place that diners want to be: indoors. They certainly don’t want to outside battling the wind and cold, waiting for a table to become free.

It’s a problem faced by many in the fast-paced hospitality services. How do you still ensure customer satisfaction when your restaurant, hotel, or bar is hitting capacity? The solution may be a restaurant patio enclosure.

Stylish and Smart Growth

If there’s no more room inside your restaurant for diners, the simplest thing to do is expand that space with outdoor seating. In the winter time, though, an outdoor area is normally unusable due to the cold, winds, and wet or snowy weather.

Adding a rugged enclosure to the patio sidesteps this problem easily. With a few additions like heaters and décor, you’ve instantly got a space that’s just as warm and cozy as the inside of your restaurant—and all for the fraction of the cost of renting additional space.

This means:

  • More tables and higher revenue
  • Shorter wait times to be seated
  • More attractive premises for potential customers
  • Customers are more likely to stay longer and buy more
  • Better insulated interiors for guests and your energy bill alike

Protect Your Assets

For those with an existing outside area, a customized patio enclosure is not only a logical way to comfortably seat more customers but also a logical way to protect your shopfront and outdoor furniture. With marine-grade vinyl curtains capable of withstanding high winds and nasty weather—and deterring thieves!—you won’t need costly maintenance or replacements nearly as often.

Transform Your Restaurant in Minutes

Winter is unpredictable, at the best of times, and what was once a beautiful sunny day can turn sour very quickly. Vinyl patio enclosures take mere minutes to put up and down and can be done by any member of your staff whenever severe weather strikes. Even if clouds suddenly loom, your customers will always be protected.

They’re Not Just for Winter

Rio City Cafe Sacramento min

An outdoor enclosure isn’t just for the winter months. Bad weather can strike at any time, ruining an otherwise pleasant experience. Don’t forget, also, that what keeps the heat in during winter keeps the cool air in during summer. In other words, you’ve got an investment that will keep your customers comfortable, no matter what the day has in store.

Maximize the Potential of Your Business Now

Winter’s already upon us but, with our commercial patio enclosures, it’s not too late to get your restaurant ready for every kind of weather.  At Enclosure Guy, our expert designers and fitters can work closely with you to create a custom, highly durable enclosure solution that not only perfectly suits your business, but also drives both profit and customer satisfaction. Call our friendly team now at (830) 445-4500 or fill out our online Quick Quote to get a free estimate!