Outdoor Drop Shades in Durham

Residential Patio Enclosures and Outdoor Restaurant Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Durham, NC

Durham, like most of North Carolina, seems to catch every kind of weather imaginable. From wild storms to snowy days and the relentless humidity of summer, there can be a lot to put up with if you’re trying to live a life outdoors. If you just want to enjoy your backyard or patio and not worry about rain, snow, wind, or bugs ruining your best-laid plans, make sure you choose a luxury outdoor patio curtain from Enclosure Guy.

Our home patio enclosures don’t just afford you and your family protection from the Durham weather. The custom fit and quality materials are also great for protecting your property, too. Your patio’s easier to clean (and there won’t be any leaves to sweep up!), your home won’t get dirty every time it rains or snows, and your outdoor furniture’s totally safe all year round.

This will also pay dividends in the future, should you ever decide to sell your home. Having a clear patio curtain is a highly attractive feature for potential homebuyers in Durham, and it can raise the value of the home considerably.

We understand that when you’re in the hospitality industry in Durham, profit margins can often be slim. To really have a healthy business model, you need both loyal repeat business and as much room as possible to ensure high customer turnover. Our restaurant patio sunscreens help considerably in both those areas.

For cafes, restaurants, bars, and function spaces, permanent year-round outdoor seating with an outdoor enclosure gives you more tables—and more customers—through every season. Not only that, but with an outdoor restaurant curtain your customers in Durham will love being able to comfortably dine or drink outdoors no matter what the weather is, and they will come back for more in no time!

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Patio Sunscreens and Outdoor Privacy Screens

Discerning home and business owners in Durham will find that our outdoor patio enclosures come with a number of incredible benefits over any other models available on the market. Aside from the luxury beauty of our elegant designs and polished clear vinyl, our outdoor windscreens also offer enhanced safety with flame-retardant materials.

These same materials, like our marine-grade vinyl and triple stitching, are designed to last the owner for years without suffering from the weather or abrasions, making upkeep simple and maintenance minimal.

In other words, if you’re looking for an outdoor patio enclosure in Durham that you won’t have to worry about, even in the worst weather, always choose the tough, versatile outdoor patio curtain designs from Enclosure Guy.

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