Outdoor Clear Patio Enclosures in Detroit, MI

Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Outdoor Windscreens for Homes and Businesses in Detroit, MI

Detroit is finding its feet once again as a city, and it’s quickly becoming a great place to have a home. The entertainment scene has never been better either, with every week seeing more and more wonderful bars, restaurants, and cafes opening up. As winter approaches though, many residents of Detroit are faced with bitter cold and spending all their time indoors. But there is a cost-effective, beautiful solution for both homes and businesses: our range of outdoor patio enclosures.

Although patios, decks, and backyards are such important features for those looking at buying or renovating property in Detroit, few people think about how it will actually work in bad weather. As a result, few people in Detroit actually end up using their patios at all! Our home patio enclosures transform your space into one that’s completely shielded from rain, leaves, wind, bugs, and so much more – one you’ll be eager to use all year round. If you ever decide to sell your home in Detroit, having a residential patio enclosure already in place is incredibly attractive to prospective buyers and will actually boost your resale value.

Businesses and all types of commercial properties in Detroit – from function spaces to restaurants – can also profit handsomely from our restaurant patio sunscreens. Think about how much turnover you’re making from your existing indoor space in Detroit. Then think about how much more you’ll make when you can utilize the outdoor areas as well, all year long! It’s easy with our clear patio curtains.

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We've been building custom outdoor privacy screens and outdoor enclosures for decades, and know exactly how to create a product that's right for you. You can choose from:

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  • Detroit Mosquito Curtains
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  • Detroit Outdoor Bug Screens

The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Patio Curtains and Outdoor Restaurant Curtains

Looking for total satisfaction from your outdoor windscreen in Detroit? Then you’ll need a solution built with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Weatherproof, marine-grade vinyl and stitching is just the start with our outdoor patio sunscreens. They’re also custom-fitted to your exact specifications (and backed by a 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee) and, thanks to our supplier connections, all at factory-direct pricing. We pass on the savings to you!

Come and see why this American-owned and operated business makes the best outdoor patio enclosures for Detroit and anywhere else in the country. To find out more and get a free quote, call Enclosure Guy at (888) 254-6892 today!

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