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Enjoy Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades for Restaurants and Homes in Dekalb, IL

Sixty miles west of Chicago is the great city of Dekalb, IL. Residents and business owners alike enjoy this city for all it has to offer, but there’s no denying that the weather isn’t always ideal in Dekalb, IL. The cold can be biting, so it’s often hard to enjoy outdoor time.

That’s why Enclosure Guy works hard in Dekalb, IL to protect your outdoor space. Our residential patio sun screens and outdoor restaurant curtains in Dekalb, IL will protect your home or restaurant patio from the harsh winter that Illinois often has to offer. Even in summer, your outdoor patio curtains will still come in handy in Dekalb, IL to keep away the mosquitos.


Why You Should Invest in Our Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Dekalb, IL

Our home patio enclosures and clear curtains for restaurants in Dekalb, IL keep customers coming back for more because of their many benefits, including:

  • Fully retractable outdoor restaurant curtains or home patio enclosures for when it’s a nice day in Dekalb, IL
  • Transparency for a great view even when you are protected from Dekalb, IL’s winter
  • Cold crack protection, so Dekalb, IL’s winters don’t stand a chance against them
  • The ability to withstand Dekalb, IL’s winds up to 65 mph
  • 100% installation support for all of our outdoor sunscreens in Dekalb, IL
  • The best materials, used on all outdoor patio curtains in Dekalb, IL
  • Reasonable pricing straight from the factory, so you get the cheapest outdoor patio curtains in Dekalb, IL

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Why Customers Trust Enclosure Guy’s Clear Curtains for Restaurants and Home Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Dekalb, IL If you’re in Dekalb, IL, we can offer the following:

  • PatioMosquito curtains
  • Outdoor bug screens
  • Outdoor patio sunscreens
  • Outdoor privacy screens
  • Outdoor windscreens
  • Outdoor clear patio sunscreens
  • Outdoor clear restaurant curtains
  • Residential patio enclosures
  • Backyard custom sun shades
  • Outdoor restaurant curtains for business owners in Dekalb, IL
  • Home patio enclosures for homeowners in Dekalb, IL

Whether you’re worried about the winds of winter in Dekalb, IL or the mosquitos in summer, we have you covered with our patio enclosures and outdoor privacy screens.

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Contact Enclosure Guy Today for the Best Clear Patio Curtains in Dekalb, IL

Enclosure Guy’s outdoor patio sunscreens or outdoor clean windscreens in Dekalb, IL are built for success due to our years of experience not just in Dekalb, IL but all over the United States. 

With commitment to high quality and customer service, we’re ready to serve your home or business in Dekalb, IL.

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