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Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Columbus, OH

Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Curtains for Homes, Restaurants and Businesses in Columbus, OH

There’s nothing quite like outdoor entertaining, but the weather in Columbus can make it difficult for much of the year. In the winter there’s plenty of snow about, in the fall it’s cold and rainy, and even in the summer the hot sun can get to be too much. For businesses with al fresco dining options, this means shutting off a big part of their revenue stream. For families, this means being driven indoors when you’d much rather be outside. But with a high-quality patio enclosure, you can do it all, and do it comfortably.

The benefits of an outdoor patio curtain for families in Columbus is clear. For just a small initial expense, a residential patio enclosure can completely rejuvenate what would otherwise be wasted space in your home. For big families in Columbus, this means more space to entertain, more space for permanent storage, and more space to live and play. At the same time, outdoor privacy screens ensure that your family is protected from other annoyances and health hazards, like stinging insects, puddles and slippery leaf mulch, freezing snow, and even airborne allergens.

Is your Columbus business looking to expand? Do it the easy way with an outdoor patio enclosure. Our outdoor enclosures are perfect for Columbus businesses with extra space requirements, since they allow you to quickly repurpose an outdoor area into a year-round dining and drinking space without the cost of renovation. As an investment, restaurant patio sunscreens are a simple and affordable solution, and easy to operate by any member of staff. Whether it’s at a bar, cafe, restaurant, or function space, everyone loves being outdoors. Make sure your Columbus business is offering that option with a patio enclosure!

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Whether it's for residential or commercial use, we can design a custom fit unit perfect for your needs. We're happy to provide:

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  • Columbus Outdoor Privacy Screens
  • Columbus Outdoor Windscreens
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  • Columbus Backyard Custom Sun Shades

The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Restaurant Curtains and Home Patio Enclosures

There’s no better range of clear patio curtains on the market in Columbus, at this or any other price. Enclosure Guy has been building maximum-grade, custom-fit outdoor patio curtains for satisfied customers in Columbus and across the country for decades, and our experience and skill shows in each and every one of our designs. Each triple-stitched, hand-welded outdoor patio sunscreen is cut and measured to your exact specifications, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and the ability to keep out everything but the view.

For families, health and comfort are the most important things in life. For businesses, it’s revenue and customer satisfaction. With custom enhancements that ensure rapid, easy deployment and the finest weatherproof materials available, our outdoor windscreens tick all the boxes.

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