Outdoor Clear Curtains in Charlotte, NC

Outdoor Patio Sunscreens and Outdoor Patio Curtains for Homes and Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Few people in Charlotte realize the value of their patio. But with over three decades crafting incredible value and highly durable outdoor windscreens, Enclosure Guy is here to fully unleash the value of yours. Did you know that you can enjoy yours every day of the year, whether it’s raining or windy or in the baking hot sun? That with an outdoor enclosure, you can sit out Charlotte’s biting insects and eat your dinner outside in complete comfort? That you could watch the Charlotte Hornets on your outdoor lounge, while the actual hornets keep out? You can, and it’s all thanks to our all-weather range of patio enclosures.

Enjoy Charlotte Outdoors Year-Round

Home patio enclosures in Charlotte aren’t just restricted to your comfort. They’re also a great way to protect your furniture, plants, and all kinds of stored items from potentially damaging weather. With an outdoor privacy screen, you’ve got much more room for your family to move, and you never have to shift everything inside every time the Charlotte skies turn gray.

What’s good for homes is also perfect for Charlotte businesses, who can benefit greatly from custom-built outdoor restaurant curtains. Driving traffic to your Charlotte business is made much easier with attractive and affordable clear patio curtains, which will entice potential customers with the offer of year-round relaxed al fresco dining and drinking in Charlotte.

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Customers across Charlotte love Enclosure Guy's range of patio enclosures, which include:

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The Benefits of Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Restaurant Patio Sunscreens

What makes Enclosure Guy’s outdoor patio curtains stand out from the competition in Charlotte? It’s a combination of things. First is our build quality and materials, which are second to none. We use extremely tough marine-grade vinyl and stitching, along with RF-welded seams, which makes our residential patio enclosures able to withstand any type of extreme weather for many years.

Second is our pricing. We offer all of our custom-built outdoor restaurant curtains to our Charlotte customers at factory-direct rates, so that our patio enclosures are affordable for everyone. Third is our reputation for safety, which comes from our wind-beating hold-down assemblies, flame-resistant vinyl, and totally non-corrosive hardware.

See the difference an outdoor patio enclosure can make to your property. To find out more and get a free quote, call Enclosure Guy at (888) 254-6892 today!

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