Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Boone

Enjoy Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Clear Curtains for Restaurants and Homes in Boone, NC

Boone, NC is a charming town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s safe to say that Boone, NC enjoys good weather for much of the year; but sometimes a change in the weather may threaten your ability to enjoy your carefully curated outdoor space-year round.

Fortunately, that’s where Enclosure Guy comes in to save the day in Boone, NC.

Our business and residential patio sun screens in Boone, NC are designed to protect your porch at home or your outdoor space at your business for patrons. Whether you need simple sun shades or your clear patio curtains need to be a little more robust to protect you from the weather that Boone, NC can bring, we have you covered.

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Why Customers Love Enclosure Guy’s Outdoor Patio Enclosures and Clear Curtains for Restaurants and Homes in Boone, NC

If you’re in Boone, NC, we can offer any of the following:

  • Tiki HutOutdoor restaurant curtains for business owners in Boone, NC
  • Mosquito curtains
  • Outdoor bug screens
  • Outdoor patio sunscreens
  • Outdoor privacy screens
  • Outdoor windscreens
  • Outdoor clear patio sunscreens
  • Outdoor clear restaurant curtains
  • Residential patio enclosures
  • Home patio enclosures for homeowners in Boone, NC
  • Backyard custom sun shades

It’s not necessarily the weather that can pose a problem in Boone, NC—maybe it’s nosy neighbors or pesky mosquitoes! Regardless of the issue, we can assist you in Boone, NC with our patio enclosures and outdoor privacy screens.

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The Benefits of Our Outdoor Patio Enclosures in Boone, NC

Our outdoor restaurant curtains and home patio enclosures in Boone, NC have many benefits, including:

  • Fully retractable outdoor restaurant curtains or home patio enclosures for when they aren’t needed in Boone, NC’s good weather or bug-free season
  • Cold crack protection; our outdoor enclosures work well even in Boone, NC’s winter
  • Built to withstand winds up to 65 mph, so they’ll work perfectly in Boone, NC
  • 100% installation support for all of our outdoor patio curtains in Boone, NC
  • The best materials available in Boone, NC used on all outdoor patio curtains
  • Factory-direct pricing, so you get the cheapest outdoor sunscreens in Boone, NC

Contact Enclosure Guy Today for the Best Outdoor Patio Curtains in Boone, NC

If you need outdoor patio sunscreens or outdoor clean windscreens in Boone, NC, then you can’t go wrong with Enclosure Guy. With many years of experience in Boone, NC, and throughout the States, high-quality products, and a fit and installation guarantee, we’re here to help protect your outdoor space at your home or business in Boone, NC.

Call Enclosure Guy at (512) 641-9421 to get your questions answered today or request a no-obligation free quote!

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