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8 Benefits of Installing a Sun Shade in Your Backyard

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A custom sun shade for patios can complete your outdoor living space. Today’s outdoor sun shade products are extremely durable and can improve your comfort and safety. They can make your home or business more versatile as well. You’ll find them in homes, restaurants, parking lots, playgrounds, sports courts, and other locations.

How Do Sun Shades Work?

A sun shade is a structure added on to an existing property. It can be open and closed so that if the weather is calm and pleasant, you can lift the shade in minutes. If there’s inclement weather or you want more sun protection or privacy, they can be closed. Sun shades can be operated manually by rope or via remote control, a wall-mounted keypad, or a smartphone app, depending on the product.

Backyard Sun Shade Benefits

Custom sun shades & patio enclosures for your home

1.   Patio Sun Protection

Sun shades block ultraviolet (UV) light that can be harmful to your skin. When direct sunlight is hitting your patio, just lower the shades to offer protection for your family and guests. Yet there is UV light even on cooler cloudy days, and sun shades are just as effective then. Some furniture and building materials can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, so patio shades protect them as well.

2.   Comfort and Safety

Comforting shade protects guests during all seasons. It helps prevent sunburns, but taking direct sunlight out of the equation also reduces the risk of dehydration. Just by blocking solar radiation, it can feel as much as 20 degrees cooler in the protection of a sun shade. A patio shade can also keep bugs and animals out of your backyard, further improving your safety and peace of mind.

3.   Privacy

Backyard and patio shades can provide a barrier against the peering eyes of neighbors. If you’re spending a quiet evening with family, reading a book on your own, or having a good time with friends, there’s a level of privacy you wouldn’t otherwise have. There will be no concern about nosy neighbors, so everyone can feel more comfortable and secure.

4.   Shield from the Wind and Rain

Even if the temperature outside is comfortable, weather conditions still may not be ideal, but you don’t have to worry about inclement weather keeping you indoors. Sun shades for your patio can block the wind so items won’t constantly blow around. You can even close the shades on a crisp fall day and add patio heaters to stay warm. When it’s warm outside, you’ll still get the cooling effect of circulating air.

Not many of us enjoy being soaked by rain. No matter how heavy the rain, even if there’s a thunderstorm, sun shades will block both the falling rain and wind. Watch the rain without any concern over getting wet, while your outdoor furniture and storage will stay protected as well.

5.   Protect Your Equipment/Furniture

Outdoor furniture and equipment can be damaged by rain, moisture, UV light, and other elements. Heat can damage many types of equipment. With sun shades, your belongings can last longer so you won’t have to spend on replacing them sooner. Shade structures are used to protect playgrounds and car dealership inventory, so they will work just fine for your home and keep your outdoor space looking more attractive.

6.   Energy Efficiency

Adding more shade and keeping the interior cooler means your air conditioner won’t work as hard. Less solar radiation can reach windows and doors as well. Therefore, this effect may be felt throughout your entire home, resulting in lower energy bills.

7.   Improved Aesthetics

Sun shades have visual appeal and can complement various aspects of your home’s architecture. They can accommodate any patio, porch, pergola, lanai, solarium, or gazebo. Choices of size, fabric color, and other custom selections help you find the best sun shade for your backyard or outdoor living space.

8.   Customizable

At Enclosure Guy, we can customize our curtains in any way you need. Our designers and craftsmen cut, weld, sew, and finish each product per the customer’s specifications. A design consult will be held via phone or photo. Each patio shade is designed to fit your space perfectly and meets the latest safety, quality, and antimicrobial standards.

Why Choose Enclosure Guy Shades?

Sun shades from Enclosure Guy are made of extremely durable materials, including marine-grade, fire-resistant vinyl. They feature aluminum top and side tracks for superior strength and a galvanized pipe stiffener for added rigidity. These quality materials are rust-proof so your shades can hold up for many years.

In addition to providing maximum patio sun protection, our products are completely weatherproof. An adjustable hold-down assembly is wind-load rated to 65 mph. Our sun shades withstand extreme temperatures as well. A commercial marine-grade finish further improves durability while abrasion-resistant borders increase longevity.

Fully retractable or removable, our patio shades are easy for anyone to open and close. In addition, the threads are UV-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. Our shades will not fade, and they require little maintenance. All designs comply with the latest engineering codes, while each item is custom designed in our own manufacturing facility.

Order a Custom Sun Shade for Your Patio Today

Custom Sun Shade

Enclosure Guy offers affordable sun shade solutions and customization services. Our designs are covered by a 100% Fit Assurance Guarantee. Experience in designing patio shades since 1983 enables us to create the perfect shade for your outdoor space and to seal it from the elements.

Various proprietary innovations have improved our products over the years. These include die cast zinc double (pull) tab zipper slides, an optional drop style curtain with zipper flaps, and an optional galvanized track and sliding trolley. A removable hold-down strap with stainless steel D-ring and clip can be included as well.

To learn more about our products and the patio sun protection and other benefits they can provide, request your Quick Quote online or call 830-445-4500 today.