Outdoor Drop Shades in Austin

Outdoor Patio Sunscreens and Outdoor Windscreens for Homes and Businesses in Austin, TX

Get all the pleasure of the outdoors in Austin and none of the annoyance with an Enclosure Guy outdoor enclosure. Whether it’s fierce winds or harsh sunlight, buzzing insects, or thick dust, you’re always fully protected from it all. Our range of custom-fitted restaurant patio sunscreens are perfect for your family home or hospitality business, providing comfort to everyone no matter what the weather is.

Homeowners can particularly benefit from the extra year-round space that a clear patio curtain affords. You won’t have to pack away your outdoor furniture every time the clouds come over and move everyone inside, because you’re always 100% protected. In particularly warm climates like in Austin, an outdoor patio curtain also functions as an insulating barrier, reducing the need for air conditioning inside the home and therefore reducing your energy bill.

One of the major outdoor patio sunscreen benefits for Austin businesses is the ability to add extra room and seating to their floorplan, without having to go through costly and time-consuming renovations. With the ability to set up your outdoor restaurant curtain in seconds, you can have an outdoor dining area that your customers will love even if it’s raining or cold outside. Moving more people through your doors means bigger profits, too, especially during major events and holidays.

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These are just a few of the outdoor patio enclosures that can improve your property:

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  • Austin Outdoor Windscreens
  • Austin Sun Shades
  • Austin Clear Curtains for Restaurants
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  • Austin Backyard Custom Sun Shades
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  • Austin Outdoor Clear Windscreens

The Benefits of Enclosure Guy Residential Patio Enclosures or Outdoor Patio Curtains in Austin, TX

Over three decades of refinements and proprietary enhancements mean Enclosure Guy’s custom vinyl curtains are built to last in Austin. Each one of our outdoor privacy screens are constructed with only the highest quality materials, including highly durable marine-grade vinyl and triple stitching, so you never have to worry about what weather is coming next.

Thanks to our incredible pricing and commitment to quality, a home patio enclosure is an investment that will repay itself today and well into the future. All of our outdoor restaurant curtains in Austin are measured and built to your exact specifications, and backed by our 100% Fit Guarantee. It’ll look great and protect you properly, every time.

Need more information? Call Enclosure Guy now at (888) 254-6892 to learn about our range of outdoor patio enclosures in Austin.

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Owners and managers of bars and restaurants report that our Austin outdoor privacy screens boost their bottom line and are a great way to expand space and maximize profitability. With budgets getting smaller and the challenges of running a successful business being what they are today, getting the right Austin restaurant patio sunscreens the first time is critical for saving time and money. With factory direct pricing, our Austin outdoor restaurant curtains are a fantastic product at a fantastic price.

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