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Winter Is Coming: Preparing Your Patio for the Cold Winter Months

Winter is coming! Before you know it, the cold and snow will be upon us. If you have been enjoying your patio all summer long, you need to start thinking about what you need to do to it for the cold winter months ahead. Many people close down their patios by putting away their furniture and grill and bringing plants indoors.

These things can take up space in your home, garage, or storage shed. Are you tired of giving up storage space for several months each year and not being able to use your patio or porch? This year, you should consider these great tips on how to keep your patio open and stay warm.

  • Enclose the patio with outdoor patio curtains. Block out snow, wind, rain, and cold by enclosing the patio.
  • Get a patio heater or fire pit. You can use an outdoor patio heater or fire pit to keep the space warm on colder days. Just remember to allow proper venting and keep direct heat away from your new enclosures.
  • Install and outdoor fireplace. Another option to keep your patio warm is to install a fireplace with its own chimney.

If you want an easier way to prepare your patio for winter and still be able to use it, even in bad weather, our climate control patio enclosures are exactly what you need! All of our enclosures are custom-made to fit your patio or porch to ensure a proper fit and years of enjoyment.

To learn more about enclosing your patio before winter arrives, or to request a free estimate and design consultation, please feel free to contact Enclosure Guy at (830) 445-4500 or fill out our online Quick Quote form today!