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Why Patio Enclosures Are a Good Investment for Your Commercial Property

The bottom line for any business venture is always profit—minimizing costs while increasing revenue. For those with a commercial property and attached outdoor space, like bar and restaurant owners, a patio enclosure will always weigh into these considerations. Will it boost my profit? Is it worth more than it costs?

While there are several factors that influence the answers to those questions, in the long term a well-built enclosure system represents a sound investment decision for commercial property owners. Here, we’ll look at why you can expect good returns from a patio enclosure investment—and what to watch out for so you can maximize its value.

The Benefits

Putting a large chunk of money into the initial installation of a patio enclosure might be off-putting to some business owners, but that’s only if you don’t look at the potential rewards. There are several incredible and immediate benefits to putting up a patio enclosure, all of which boost your bottom line.

Commercial Outdoor Patio Enclosure

More Space

Simple and obvious, but true. Having a patio means you already have that space, of course, but without an enclosure, any adverse weather will render that space unusable. When it’s raining, windy, or just too hot, your customers won’t be able to sit outside unless there’s some protection.

A patio enclosure means you can utilize the space effectively all year round, meaning you can seat more customers all year round and, therefore, increase potential revenue significantly.

Better Visibility

An attractive enclosure with the right branding is like an advertisement for your business. It will draw people in and set your business apart from the crowd. Providing comfort to people while also allowing them to enjoy the outdoors gives your property a unique selling point that will ensure repeat business and better foot traffic.

Energy Efficient

By trapping air and providing an extra insulating layer for the rest of the premises, a patio enclosure ensures better temperature stability during the lows of winter and highs of summer. This, in turn, means your HVAC system won’t be so overworked—saving you money on both maintenance and energy bills.

Maximize the Value of Your Enclosure

When considering an investment in an enclosure, it’s tempting to just choose the cheapest option, but, as with anything, there are always hidden costs to penny-pinching. Higher upfront costs might be hard to swallow, but with a top-quality system, the benefits will pay for themselves.

Clear Vinyl Patio Curtain

When deciding between cost and quality, make sure you consider:

  • Durability – It should withstand anything mother nature can throw at it, year after year, or you’ll end up paying more for a replacement.
  • Design – Custom-fitted designs are vastly better than their off-the-shelf counterparts in terms of look, versatility, and weather protection.
  • Operation – The easier it is to lower, raise, or slide the patio enclosure, the less potential for damage there is to the material and parts.
  • Materials – High-grade materials are essential to achieving maximum insulating and protective properties, as well as avoiding unsightly abrasions and rust.

An Affordable Enclosure Investment You Won’t Regret

Designed specifically around your needs and built with only the highest quality marine grade materials, a commercial patio enclosure from Enclosure Guy is one investment that will provide immediate returns. Whether it’s a drop shade for a bar, restaurant, or event space, our sun shades and clear vinyl curtains significantly enhance your business operations and give you and your customers long-lasting protection.

Don’t wait to boost your bottom line. Find out just how affordable this investment could be with our instant and free Quick Quote tool.