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Waterfront Home Porch Design

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For many, waterfront homes are idyllic paradises with amazing views and brisk, invigorating weather throughout the year. However, for those who dream of owning a waterfront home or who own one already, there are some special considerations to keep in mind for the porch design.

It’s important to protect your porch from the weather that the waterfront can bring, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing and help complement the surroundings.

Considerations for Waterfront Home Porch Design

Perhaps the best opportunity that comes with a waterfront home is the view. With rock and sparkly water, often as far as the eye can see, it’s a good idea to make design choices that complement the nature found right in front of your home.

However, perhaps more important to consider, is the challenge the weather can bring. The waterfront brings strong winds and rain, as well as saltwater and humidity, and it’s crucial to think about materials that can withstand these conditions while keeping your porch cozy regardless of the kind of storm your home is facing.

Clear Vinyl Curtains for Waterfront Homes

Clear vinyl curtains are the ideal choice to protect your porch. They will protect any porch furniture (and people enjoying the view) from winds or storms that may come their way. The best part is they won’t obstruct the scenery. Make sure to choose vinyl curtains that have a customizable design and which are durable and long-lasting like Enclosure Guy’s.

Wind-tested, temperature-controlled, and custom-fitted to any porch, Enclosure Guy is proud of having the best clear vinyl enclosures around. We provide the best protection for any furniture on your porch and allow you to enjoy the view in undesirable weather without compromising your comfort or safety.

Coastal patios should be enjoyed as much as possible, and we have the experience to help make it happen.

Outdoor Design Tips for Waterfront Homes

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As well as practicality, it’s important to think about design tips for your lakefront landscaping. Here are some lakefront backyard ideas that will make your outdoor space enviable.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Use natural materials such as stone and wood to be cohesive with the environment and make your porch look like part of nature rather than something that disrupts it. You’ll be glad later that you took the time to make the space relaxing, feeling at one with the world around you when you enjoy your porch.

You can go even further and add plants. If you don’t want the responsibility of real ones, consider fake plants.

Add Water Features

Some of the best lake patio ideas involve incorporating water features such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls into the outdoor design to create a tranquil ambiance. If you’re lucky enough to live on the waterfront, you might as well capitalize on the experience by extending the water onto your own property.

Install Lighting

String lights are a beautiful touch that can add soft lighting to your outdoor space. Consider stronger lighting to help ensure you can see where you’re going outside (especially if you’re very near the water) and that can be switched on and off for safety reasons.

Create a Dock

If you want to be even closer to the water, one of the best coastal patio ideas is to go further than the space right by your house. Create a dock. It can be a great place to boat and fish, giving you a place to practice your favorite hobbies or develop new ones.

Use Color and Texture Wisely

Consider bright and bold greens and blues in your outdoor space to complement the water, paired with some neutral grays so you don’t go overboard. If you do use a lot of wood outside, consider a more natural texture, which will match the water and surroundings well.

Outdoor Bar or Lounge

If you love to entertain—or simply want to make the most of your outdoor space with your family—you could add an outdoor bar or lounge. Just make sure it’s well-protected in case of storms.

Make sure to add some cozy seating that your guests or loved ones will enjoy, especially if you do tend to have cold weather throughout a lot of the year. There’s nothing better than being able to sit outside with blankets on comfortable seating, protected from the elements by your all-important vinyl enclosure.

Enclosure Guy’s Vinyl Curtains Help Turn Your Waterfront Home into a Haven

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Whatever you choose to do with your waterfront porch, the most crucial thing is to ensure it’s protected. That’s why Enclosure Guy’s clear vinyl curtains are the best choice for a property by the lake or sea.

Not only will you keep your porch protected by our durable design, but you can continue to enjoy the view as you do so, and the protection won’t compromise your enjoyment of a beautifully crafted outdoor space. Our custom fitting also ensures that our curtains are the best match for your patio, and our 20 years of experience ensures that we’ll do the job well.

Ready to design your dream porch on the water? Contact us today for a quick quote on our website, or call us at (830) 445-4500 with any questions. We’d love to help make your dream a reality.