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How Your Vinyl Patio Curtains Investment Can Pay for Itself in Just 1 Month!

Whether you own a restaurant, lounge, hotel, golf course, or some other service industry operation where you utilize your patio as a revenue stream, your business is losing money when the weather turns colder. People will not want to sit outside unless they can be kept warm and protected from the cold and elements.

Rather than leave your patio space unused until it warms back up, you could enjoy revenues year round by investing in clear vinyl patio curtains. These curtains allow you to block out the cold, rain, and snow and continue to utilize your patio. Plus, your customers won’t have to stay at home on cold days when you have a cozy and comfortable patio for them to enjoy!

To see just how fast your investment can pay for itself, you need to take the average monthly revenue you earn from your patio operations. Next, subtract this amount of money from the costs of the curtains. Most businesses will typically recover the investment costs in about a month.

After your initial investment for your business’s patio, you will continue to enjoy the benefits year after year with our high-quality and American-made curtains. Don’t delay, and order now, as we have a 4-6 week lead time!

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