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The Top Benefits of Your Patio Enclosure for the Coming Spring Season

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the outdoors from your patio, but every season presents its own set of challenges to the nature lover, and spring is no different. From air-borne allergens to unexpected heat and rain showers, outdoor areas attached to both homes and restaurants are always vulnerable.

Those of us with a specially designed Enclosure Guy system know that it’s the perfect solution to all those seasonal problems. If you’re not already a proud owner, it’s not too late to order one for the coming months. If you’re quick, here’s what a professionally built, top of the line enclosure can do for you this spring.

A Secure Window to the Great Outdoors

After the depths of winter, spring is like a breath of fresh air. Everything is green again, and there’s nothing more magical than to sit outside looking out at the new life. That’s the beauty of a clear vinyl patio enclosure: You can soak up an uninterrupted view of nature on your existing patio, all while experiencing the creature comforts of being indoors.

Wooden House With A Lawn

Full Protection

If it’s properly constructed, with highly durable materials, fasteners, and stitching, a patio enclosure should be able to stop almost any unwanted intruder, no matter what the season. In spring, this means you, your paying customers, and your family will be sheltered from things like:

  • Noise – Background buzzing from newly awakened insects and general noise will be greatly reduced.
  • Insects – The insects themselves won’t be able to come in and sting or harass you and guests or land on food.
  • Allergens – Airborne pollen picks up considerably, during spring, and can make life miserable for many—but not if they can’t get to you!
  • Water – Snowmelt and the remnants of winter can splash into outdoor areas from a roof or puddles unless those areas are protected.
  • Birds – Awake and hungry after winter, a lot of birds will swoop in for any scraps of food left in outdoor areas, potentially fouling furniture and creating a health hazard unless there’s something to prevent them.

Control the Climate

A properly enclosed patio room can play a major part in climate control for a house or business, acting as an insulating buffer between the weather outside and the temperature within. This is especially useful in the spring, when the temperature might not be quite cold enough to put on a heater, but not quite warm enough to cool down.

A custom-built patio enclosure can help regulate this and retain the right level of warmth, thus saving you a large amount on your energy bills and providing greater comfort.

Shelter All Year Round

Weather, in general, can be highly variable during spring. One minute there’ll be baking heat, the next a sudden burst of rain, and finally a heavy gust of wind—all in one day! You can follow the forecasts all you like, but it’s not something you can ever truly prepare for.

Since our drop-and-slide style patio enclosures can be put in place by almost anyone within seconds, you’ll be able to handle whatever comes down from the sky with ease. And, when the sun comes out again, all you need to do is stow it away and enjoy it.

Commercial Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Take Care of New Growth

Common sense dictates that plants thrive outside during spring, but that’s not always the case. That same variable weather can dish up unexpected frost, dry patches, and storms, all of which stop your plants from fully recovering after winter.

Luckily, Enclosure Guy designs plant protection too, allowing your patio enclosure to double as a solarium and giving plants optimal conditions when they most need it.

Make Space

One of the biggest benefits of a patio enclosure is that it turns an occasional-use area into a more permanent outdoor living space. In other words, it’s like adding a whole new room to an existing structure which can be used throughout the year. This means you can easily convert it into:

  • A space for entertaining – There’s no need to pack up the space heaters, lights, and furniture when it’s protected. You can entertain whenever you want with minimal fuss, and not have to squeeze every guest into the kitchen or dining room.
  • An expansion of your restaurant or bar – More space for more customers means less waiting time, higher satisfaction, and bigger profits for your business. A stylish patio enclosure means you’ve always got room for more.
  • A storage room – Maybe you don’t use your patio all that much, but you could use a little extra space inside. Rugged waterproof and windproof vinyl and fittings mean you don’t have to worry about dampness or damage to your things.

Built to Last with Exceptional Toughness

The winds, rain, and sunshine of spring are a testing time for any material sitting outside. To do the job properly, year after year, a patio enclosure really has to be up to the task.

All vinyl curtains, sun shades, solariums, and drop shades designed and built by Enclosure Guy are made with only the highest quality materials and to the strictest specifications. There are no shortcuts or cost-cutting measures here—only the best of the best.

Here are just some of the features that separate us from our competitors and ensure you have the perfect spring:

  • Ultra-wide (up to 72”) seamless panels for uninterrupted views
  • Abrasion-resistant, doubly polished, optically clear vinyl
  • Marine-grade UV, mold, wear-resistant triple thread seams
  • Flame retardant and crack-proof to -20°F

Outdoor Patio Drop Enclosures

A Design That Fits You Perfectly

Spring should be about relaxing outdoors and making the most of the weather, not messing about with ill-fitting fixtures and clunky systems. At Enclosure Guy, we know that no two patios are the same, which is why we specialize in completely custom designs, built with only your home or business in mind. Our nationwide design consultation and installation teams will take care of the tricky stuff for you, leaving you to enjoy your perfect enclosure.

Make Sure You’re Ready with a Patio Enclosure for Spring

So many of life and nature’s little surprises this spring can be solved with one simple enclosure system. If you choose a custom-built, resilient design from Enclosure Guy, you’ve got a patio enclosure for your home that will work hard for many years and seasons to come.

Don’t wait until spring hits to order yours. Use our online Quick Quote tool now to instantly get a quote and find out how one low-cost solution can finally let you love the great outdoors.