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How Does it All Work?

Dear ……………………….,

We apologize if we hadn’t explained or demonstrated our process more clearly and would appreciate an opportunity to do so.

EnclosureGuy.com is the direct result of a lifetime directed towards custom design and fabrication of innovative solutions and although your inquiry is unique it represents a very atypical solution for us.

By simply providing basic dimensions of the average mount (top attachment) height and perimeter (distance around deck, patio or pavilion), along with a few photographs of the proposed area to be enclosed, we can accurately estimate what your anticipated costs would be.

After we’ve confirmed your submitted information with you, we collect a 50% Deposit and schedule a FREE design consult with an experienced professional who will walk either yourself and/or installer through the collection of simple measurements needed to customize your end-product within an inch, we then enter all that data into our customized Order Management Software and build what we call a Cut Sheet for you to review prior to fabrication. Once we’ve received your Final Approval, we’ll then send the project into production, right here in our own Factory and under the careful oversight of the same designer who you consulted with originally without any middlemen and Guarantee the Fit.

Once your project has been custom manufactured, inspected, cleaned, and packaged we’ll measure and weigh all boxes to calculate shipping (at cost) and email or call you with a confirmation of Balance Due charges prior to releasing the goods along with tracking numbers of your delivery.

Our staff, in addition to the installation video posted at https://enclosureguy.com will assist you and/or your contractor with insights and recommendations for a smooth installation

Backed by our five-year warranty on all workmanship.

EnclosureGuy’s industry leading experience sets the standard in sales, service, and design making for a No Risk proposition, backed by our Fit Guarantee, so relax, have some fun with our staff of professionals and begin enjoying your new outdoor climate controlled space for years to come.

Clint R. Oliveira