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How to Protect Your Potted Plants from Harsh Weather Conditions

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Potted plants look great and can spice up the look and feel of your home, but they are quite vulnerable to harsh weather. If you want to protect plants in winter or are wondering how to keep plants cool in summer, here are a few tips in addition to using patio enclosures, curtains, and screens from Enclosure Guy, which we’ll explain later.

Tips and Tricks to Protecting Plants at Home

The goal is to establish patio weather protection, as weather is the biggest factor that goes against your potted plants. You can protect your plants against weather conditions with:

A woman spraying a plant leaf with water

  • Mulching: Using straw, shredded leaves, pine needles, or store-bought mulch can help insulate your plants from the cold. As a last resort, you can use snow as an insulator. Avoid using heavy materials for tender plants. Two or three inches of the proper mulch will help plants hold heat and retain moisture. In summer, adding organic mulch to the soil can lower its temperature to protect plants.
  • Regular Watering: All plants need water to thrive. However, pay attention to weather conditions to see how much water is required. When plant growth slows in winter, you should still water your plants regularly so salt levels don’t become toxic. Watering on hot days not only counters evaporation, but also keeps plants and their roots cool, but make sure water can drain and there’s air circulation, or plants can be damaged.
  • Shading: Leafy green plants should be placed in shady areas. Eaves, canopies, and even larger plants and trees can provide adequate shade. Also consider placing pots and containers on the north or east side of the house. It’s usually shadier there. Plus, you can prevent plants from becoming overheated.
  • Space Heating: A space heater is effective for keeping potted plants warm in winter, but be careful with indoor plants. An indoor heater can lower humidity and make the moisture level too low for them. To counter this, try misting your plants daily or placing them on trays filled with water.
  • Protection from Wind: High wind can tear apart sensitive plants or knock lightweight containers over. You can create a windbreak by wrapping some plastic over a fence or by creating an enclosed patio garden that’s protected on blustery days. Even a temporary enclosure can protect younger and/or smaller plants until they get stronger.
  • Optimal Temperatures: This doesn’t necessarily require heating or cooling the space. We all know water is needed in summer when plants thrive, but if freezing temperatures are predicted, water your plants beforehand. The water will release latent heat as it starts to freeze, warming the roots somewhat. Although it’s ideal to water plants when temperatures are above freezing, don’t avoid adding water; it will fill any air spaces that can allow frost to penetrate. Therefore, you should water plants in winter on a regular basis.
  • The Right Pots: The right pot will protect the plant and its root system. Here are some tips on selecting a pot that will ensure your greenery is protected during any season:
    • Choose a larger pot than needed; it won’t dry out or freeze as quickly.
    • Place the pot on soil, rather than pavement, to protect plants against rapidly fluctuating temperatures.
    • Bury the pot in soil up to the top for optimal insulation.
    • In warmer weather, use light-colored pots so the roots stay cooler; darker colors absorb more heat.
    • Double up on pots for extra insulation, to protect plant roots from excess water, and combine plants with different requirements.

How Enclosure Guy’s Products Can Help

Temporary Solarium / Patio Enclosures that Provide Plant Protection

One way to provide climate control for your potted plants is to create a sunroom or solarium. If you’re wondering how to keep plants warm in winter or even late autumn, this can maintain the right temperature, provide protection against wind, and prevent frost. Using Enclosure Guy’s vinyl curtains for outdoor plants creates an ideal covered space for your potted plants, whether on a deck, patio, gazebo, or in your backyard.

Our patio enclosures protect against extreme weather using durable clear vinyl, industrial-grade curtain zipper connections, and welded bottoms. An adjustable tie-down assembly protects against high winds while a welded stainless steel clip and D-ring and nickel-plated spring-loaded trigger snap add durability. Meanwhile, an aluminum tracked header with welting keeps the system secure and taught despite temperature differences between the inside and outside.

Why Enclosure Guy?

We manufacture patio enclosures to the highest quality standards. Suited for a wide range of applications, they’re available in numerous stock and premium colors, as well as with a choice of accessories. Climate-controlled outdoor enclosures can also be customized to meet your needs, from the available options to being custom sized and fit to your space.

For more information on how to protect your garden from the hot sun or how to keep plants warm in winter using patio curtains from Enclosure Guy, continue browsing. We offer numerous resources online. Feel free to request an instant Quick Quote or call 830-445-4500 to speak with us directly.