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Protecting Your Patio from the Summer Heat

Everyone likes spending time outdoors on their patios and porches during the summer months. It can be nice to get together with a group of friends, cook on the grill, and enjoy the outdoors next to the pool. However, the sun can make spending time relaxing and entertaining outdoors almost unbearable.

On rainy days, the humidity can make it unpleasant to be outdoors, even though there is something almost alluring about the sound of a rain shower and sitting outside in a covered area listening to the rain. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to beat the summer heat and humidity while still being able to enjoy your outdoor areas.

For covered outdoor patios and porches, as well as semi-enclosed structures, a great solution is to have patio drop shades or patio drop curtains installed. Then, when the sunlight is shining directly into the covered area, you can lower the shades or curtains and block out the sunlight to keep it somewhat cooler.

Plus, on those rainy days, you can use the curtains to help keep you dry while you enjoy the rain shower. You can also install overhead outdoor ceiling fans to help circulate air. The cool breeze of the fan on our skin feels great.

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