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Protecting Your Family’s Heirloom Plants

In more recent years, gardening and growing your favorite heirloom plants, fruits, and vegetables is no longer about needing a large open plot of land. Instead, the current trend for at-home gardening is using raised beds and garden pots in a patio, screened porch or on a deck. Other areas to have plantings you may want to protect are gazebos and pavilions.

Raised beds and garden pots help keep critters and many types of pests away from the plants. In addition, you can grow a larger number of plants in a smaller space, without worry of overcrowded roots. Some people even take things to a whole new level by growing certain vegetation upward or out of raised pots and even higher platforms.

Protecting your family’s plants and bountiful harvest is much more than dealing with potential pests. After putting in all of that hard work to build your planting areas, plant the seeds, and grow your own organic fruits, vegetables, and other plants, the last thing you want to do is have it destroyed by the colder fall and winter months.

One way to protect your plantings is to use clear vinyl patio curtains and create an enclosure around and over the area. The vinyl curtains help block out cold air and lower temperatures while allowing the warm sunlight in. In other words, you could have your very own greenhouse to use year round.

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