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How to Protect your Patio This Spring from Unwanted Intruders

The start of spring signifies the end of winter. The trees start blooming and flowers start growing. As the temperatures start to warm up, you know it is time to reopen your outdoor patio area at your restaurant, coffee house, or any other type of business.

Yet the biggest distractions to being able to effectively utilize your patio in the springtime are different types of pests and bugs. The spring is often the start of the swarming season for a host of insects. Even those that typically do not fly, like ants, grow wings during this time of year in order to find a suitable mate.

No one wants to try to enjoy a nice meal with flying bugs swarming around, let alone become a meal for pesky mosquitoes. The easiest way to be able to use your business’s patio space and not worry about pests and bugs is with our clear vinyl drop curtains, shaded cloths, or shaded curtains. You could even use a combination of these to help control and keep out unwanted intruders from your patio area.

Our shade cloths and curtains can be swapped out with our vinyl drop curtains so you can continue to enjoy using your patio during the traditional off-season periods to generate additional revenues for your business year round.

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