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How to Protect Your Patio Guests Against Bugs and Insects

Creating exceptional experiences for your guests when they enjoy your outdoor patio areas can require thinking about how to keep bugs and insects away. Flies and mosquitoes are the most common pests that can annoy your guests. There is nothing worse than going to take a bite of food or a sip from your drink only to discover there is a fly sitting on the food or a mosquito has fallen into the drink.

There are many different effective methods to do this, but it is important to consider which ones are the most appropriate for your business, as well as provide the most benefits.

  1. Install clear vinyl patio curtains over openings. This will prevent pests from getting inside the patio, while not blocking views. Plus, they work great in colder climates to keep guests warm on cooler morning and evenings.
  2. Insect repellant torches and candles. Citronella torches and candles are great to use in the evenings to keep mosquitoes away and add to the ambiance of the outdoor area.
  3. Plants and flowers that repel bugs. There are many varieties of plants and flowers you can landscape with around the exterior of the patio to keep pests away.
  4. Bug and fly zappers. These are great to use near the trash bins where they are out of sight of your guests.

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