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Preparing Your Summer Restaurant Patio

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Outdoor summer seating gives customers a chance to enjoy the outdoors while having great food, drinks, and conversations. The more attractive and versatile your patio is, the more potential it can have for your business. Prepare your space for summer and also pleasant fall weather with these restaurant patio ideas.

Freshen Up Your Patio

Make sure your patio is fresh so that customers and guests can be impressed. You’ll have opportunities to serve many during the long, warm summer days. Here are some tips to freshen up:

  • Power Wash Your Patio: A good power washing will not only remove dirt and dust but also dropped food items and spilled beverages. Washing all the grime away will improve the look of your patio and the customer experience.
  • Clean Windows/Doors/Signs: Clean the dirt from windows, which are among the first parts of your business a customer sees. Doors too should be top priority and be sure to tend to outdoor signs that call to your brand.
  • Clear Outdoor Drains: Get leaves and other debris out of gutters and drains; you don’t want your patio to get flooded in one rainstorm. Serving outdoor diners won’t be possible.
  • Retouch the Paint: A little refresh can go a long way in creating a great impression and improving the perception of your business.
  • Add Floor Mats: Place them at entrances, outside and inside your restaurant to prevent water, dirt, and soil from being tracked around.

Take Advantage of Scenery

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Your establishment may not be situated on a hilltop with a magnificent view of the landscape or city (but you’ll certainly want to highlight it if this is the case), but even surrounding your cafe outdoor seating with flowers and greenery can create an oasis. Whether you’ve got a secluded courtyard or a streetfront dining space where people-watching is a luxury, make the most of what you’ve got.


Daylight may be longer in the summer, but people love to wait until dark to dine out. String lights are a great way to highlight your patio. These are effective for creating ambiance. Providing an upscale feel, they can be used to highlight water fountains or decorate walls and fences. String lights don’t have to be exposed out in the open; you can wrap them around various structures to avoid clutter. Also consider strategic placement of candles.

Use Plants to Liven Up the Space

Place colorful plants to bring your patrons closer to nature. Properly care for your landscape and use attractive pots and vases. Greenery is soothing, so why not make your patio a dining area and garden? Plants can provide shade as well. The design possibilities are numerous; plants can serve as partitions and dividers and as decorations for tables, walls and fountains.

Choose Furniture Wisely

The decoration of the restaurant by using wooden furniture and colored cushions in the midst of nature.

Select furniture so that it not only fits the space, but helps customers relax. Cozy restaurant patio seating can be upgraded to corner sofas, while plump pillows can be added to further ensure comfort. Unique ideas like swing seats, hanging egg chairs, and others highlighted by climbing vines or intricate lighting can spruce up the decor. Bright summer colors also set the mood, so consider that when furnishing your patio.

Build a Play Area

A miniature playground attracts parents who can sit and relax during a meal while their kids play nearby. Small swings, a slide, or a ball pen can do. Even put out a few children’s games—whatever keeps them occupied.

Add Speakers

Sound is a great way to add ambiance. You can play some light jazz, folk music, or something that reflects the ethnic cuisine you’re serving. Guests love the sound of crickets chirping. If you have the space, bring live music to the scene; musicians, bands, and DJs can bring a whole new level of entertainment and ambiance.

Drop With Magnet Flap Clear Enclosures

Add Weather Protection

Heating your patio will keep guests cozy on a cool night. But without something to hold the heat in and keep out the elements, patrons won’t be adequately protected. Clear patio curtains from Enclosure Guy will keep your outdoor space protected all summer, during fall events, and throughout the year. They can also be opened or closed at any time.

Why Enclosure Guy Clear Curtains?

As the season transitions from summer to fall, the weather will cool down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your patio as much. Clear patio curtains from Enclosure Guy can protect guests, tables, and seating from the elements, while shielding guests from the heat, cold, wind, and bugs. You can host different events and create a separate space for everyone to gather and relax.

We offer patio enclosures designed for commercial and residential settings. Built with high-quality materials, they are completely weatherproof and withstand temperature extremes and strong winds. They’re custom made for each installation while a 100% fit assurance guarantee is included. Any restaurant, bar, cafe, event space, or other business with an outdoor patio and summer seating can benefit from a vinyl enclosure that perfectly fits its setting.

For more information or to complete your summer patio, request a quote online or call Enclosure Guy at 830-445-4500.