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Covered Deck Enclosure Ideas

Deck Enclosure Done By Enclosure Guy

Having an outdoor deck is an invaluable addition to your home. An outdoor space to relax or entertain (or both, depending on the occasion) can be vital to your health and happiness, with fresh air and the great outdoors just a few steps away.

However, there are few places in the world where decks can be used all year round when they’re constantly exposed to the elements, prying neighbors, and more. That’s why deck enclosure ideas can be your saving grace, so your patio doesn’t have to be a part-time space throughout the year.

We can share some enclosed deck design ideas to make sure you get to enjoy your space regardless of the weather and season.

Glass Covers

One of the most popular covered deck ideas is to have a glass enclosure around it. The advantage to this is that it’s often one of the most aesthetically pleasing enclosed decks, and it takes one installation for the deck to be set up for the foreseeable future.

Glass covers can also do a great job at protecting your patio from the elements, reinforced to provide you with a great view while keeping the wind and rain out. They’re also particularly effective in the summer, with mosquitos unable to get through the glass, and the potential to protect your furniture from UV rays with some modifications.

Glass covers are, however, very permanent and can’t be put up and down with ease, which is something to bear in mind.

Vinyl Curtains

Clear Vinyl Curtains From Enclosure Guy

Vinyl curtains are popular deck coverings that offer more versatility than glass. They can often be rolled up or put away at short notice, allowing you to have the option of having a more open feel on your patio. They’re also far less expensive to install than a glass covering, and usually much quicker too.

Vinyl curtains come in a variety of options for covered decks. For example, those who live in a state with frequent storms might choose heavy-duty vinyl curtains.

Heavy-duty vinyl curtains, such as Enclosure Guy’s, are built to withstand high wind and rain. Even if your home’s on the coast and constantly battered by high-speed gusts, these vinyl curtains can stand the test of time, wind-tested up to a maximum of 65mph.

They also have a high-strength seal to ensure rain can’t seep through the cracks and get to you or your furniture.

Sun Shades

If you live in a place that doesn’t have to worry about extreme wind and rain but does often face the challenge of the sun, you might want to invest in shade solutions for decks. Covered decks that use sun shades protect the furniture and guests from harmful UV rays, as well as keeping out pesky mosquitoes.

Sun shades tend to be much lighter than glass enclosures or heavy vinyl curtains, and are the best choice for people looking for a light option. They can also be less expensive than a more permanent option.

Decorations for Your Enclosed Patio

Once you’ve decided on the method of enclosing your deck, you can also decide on the decor as the finishing touches.

A glass enclosure, for example, generally looks great with some plants inside of it, adding to the green look. That way, even in the winter, you can sit inside the deck and enjoy the freshness typically associated with summer

For a darker enclosed patio, string lights are a quick and easy way to brighten up the space. Drape them across your vinyl curtains or sun shadows so that when the sun goes down, you can turn the lights on and sit outside with your favorite book or catch up with friends.

Last, when you have an enclosed patio, it’s easy to choose furniture without worrying about it being ruined by the rain. Cozy cushions and armchairs can become a staple of your space, protected from the weather by your new enclosure.

Choose Enclosure Guy for Your Enclosed Deck Ideas

Custom Deck Enclosure

With more than forty years of experience serving the United States and bringing their enclosed deck ideas to life, Enclosure Guy knows there’s no one-size-fits-all for decks. We’re happy to talk through your project and decide which of our warranty-backed products is the best fit for you.

We can provide installation, or we have installation kits that you can use to build your enclosed deck yourself, reducing the cost and fulfilling your DIY fix.

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