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How to Plan an Outdoor Event Without Worrying About the Weather

Planning and preparing to host an outdoor event can bring up concerns about what to do if the weather does not cooperate. The last thing you want is guests leaving early because you didn’t plan accordingly.

Even if you do have a backup plan in place, it is important to communicate this when sending out invites. If your guests do not know you have accounted for inclement weather, they may call and cancel at the last minute.

When deciding on a backup plan, you need to consider the number of guests you expect. Moving the event indoors is not always feasible if there is a large number of people. However, moving it to an enclosed outdoor location with patio curtains enclosing your patio is much better.

For instance, your initial plans call for hosting the event in your open, uncovered backyard. You have set up tents, gotten outdoor heaters, chairs, tables, and so on. You check the weather forecast, and now it is supposed to rain.

If your patio is enclosed in our protective curtains, simply move the event there instead. Your guests still get to enjoy being outdoors while being protected from the elements. Plus, you do not have to spend time doing last-minute cleaning inside or moving furniture around to accommodate everyone.

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