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Choosing the Right Enclosure for Your Business

A few things to think through when buying patio enclosures and sun shades

The right patio enclosure can transform the outdoor area around your home or business into an attractive, functional space where all will feel welcome to relax. There are many factors to consider in choosing an outdoor shade or blind and patio enclosure to enhance your space. Here are a few questions to think about:

What type of area do you want to enclose? Knowing what kind of area you want to enclose will help us help you. Are you enclosing a patio, deck, porch, gazebo, outdoor seating area, sun-room, pool-side patio, pavilion, a garden room, or a room that we haven’t thought of yet? The kind of room you want to enclose and how you want to use that room will determine the kind of patio enclosures and sun shades that you select for your home.

What kind of experience are you looking to create with your space? A patio enclosure can create a new room in your home to entertain family and friends, provide a haven for your plants in harsh weather conditions, or shade your swimming pool or spa. Imagine being able to use that patio for Super Bowl and March Madness parties or summer get-togethers without ever having to worry about the weather.

Our commercial customers use patio enclosures to add new seating areas in a restaurant, or preserve outdoor seating spaces for those times with the weather isn’t cooperating. Our outdoor sun shades can block bright sun light from getting in your client’s eyes and protect new merchandise from the effects of prolonged sun exposure without killing off your view or making people feel “boxed in”. When you know your goals for your space, we can design a custom patio enclosure or outdoor sun shade solution that is right for you.

Phifer Exterior Sunshades EnclosureguyWhat kind of protection are you looking for from your patio enclosures?Our Climate Control products provide an air-tight seal that completely keep out the elements allowing you to heat or cool your space and keep the rain, wind, snow, off your property and guests. If the sun’s heat and harsh light is a concern, our Outdoor Shades and Valor Blinds are perfect for cutting down on both those things giving you more comfort and lighting control over your space.

What type of material would best suit the appearance of your home or business? Our products come in many different colors and material types. You can choose a clear vinyl patio enclosure which will provide nearly invisible protection, or choose a color of vinyl or shade cloth which will complement the architecture and design of your home or business.

When you are looking to add a patio enclosure or outdoor sun shade system to your home or business, appearance means a lot. Please take a moment to review our galleries of completed projects to see some of the possibilities.

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