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8 Makeover Ideas to Make Your Patio Pop This Spring

Is your patio not the refuge you would like it to be? Perhaps it’s been several years since you last updated it or the previous homeowner didn’t have the same taste and style you do. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that boring. Spring is coming, and now is the time to think of how to spruce things up. Here are 8 patio makeover ideas to jump-start your imagination.


Separate the Patio from the Rest of Your Yard

Seating Area In Patio RestaurantOutdoor rugs are durable, easy to clean, and comfortable on the feet. They also help distinguish your patio from your backyard. With so many designs and details to choose from, rugs can really make your patio interesting. They’re best-suited for outdoor dining or living spaces. Plus, outdoor rugs are resistant to degradation from rain and moisture and don’t easily fade in sunlight. To make one last longer, bring it inside during the winter, as the snow and ice can be hard on the fabric.


Fun Lights

Landscape lighting is a valuable asset. It allows you to use your patio day or night while adding safety. You, a friend, or a family member won’t trip over something in the dark, and you can see what you’re cooking and serving. Lighting also deters unwanted visitors and adds security. There are many options to consider, too, including overhead lighting, surface lighting, up-lighting, porch lights, lanterns, and string lights. Add a timer to automatically turn the lights on at dusk or off after a predetermined period of time.



A firepit can truly transform and improve your patio. There are a few options here. Depending on the available space, you can install a firepit within your existing patio or build a firepit in its own separate area. You’ll get both heat and light, not to mention ambiance—there’s just something about gathering around a fire with friends and loved ones. Plus, a fire pit can be a centerpiece for other patio furnishings to complement.


Seating Area

Soft, comfortable seating is a must if you want people to gather on your patio. One effective design strategy is to add a seating wall along the patio edge. It is less formal and there are numerous ways to use it. A stone seating wall does not have to be put away for the winter like conventional seats, and soft cushions can be placed for guests, who then have surfaces to place a drink or plate of food on either side. Surfaces not used for sitting can accommodate lanterns and potted plants. If a solid wall isn’t to your liking, you can always set aside an area for a table and chairs.


Add Pillows to Outdoor Patio Furniture

Decorative pillows are a great way to add personality. Printed pillows are inexpensive and even more so if you just update the pillow covers. There are also various ways to mix and match what you have, so you can always bring out pillows from inside. On the other hand, new pillows can give your existing outdoor furniture a brand new look. Even if your existing ones have worn out, you can inexpensively find fresh new pillows to keep your patio up to date or set things up for a special occasion.


Water Feature

If your patio is boring, a water feature will certainly liven things up. There’s nothing like the sound of running water to make your patio a relaxing outdoor oasis. A simple fountain can make a big difference. The possibilities are limitless, as you can opt for a fish pond or waterfall with or without a pond. Fountains come in standard models or can be custom made. You will need to put in the time to maintain your fountain, which is a consideration in determining whether it’s the best feature for you.


Built-In Speakers

A high-quality audio system allows you and your guests to enjoy music. Depending on how many speakers you add and where you place them, you can create a surround-sound experience. Other possibilities include playing sounds of running water, as an alternative to installing a fountain if you don’t have the time, space, or money. Or, you can install a complete audio/video system and hook up your speakers to an outdoor television for playing movies or watching sporting events. This adds a whole new dimension to entertaining!



Plant SunroomsPlants may be one of the easiest patio makeover ideas. You can choose from vibrant colors or pick a uniform color scheme that makes your patio a truly green space. The overall design can also prioritize shade or privacy. The containers you choose for plants can be part of your patio design. They can be anything from simple to elegant containers and baskets. Repotting existing plants can help with a patio makeover; in addition, seasonal plants and flowers allow you to change up your patio every few months.


Transform Your Patio with an Outdoor Enclosure

Enclosure Guy has been providing outdoor patio enclosures and screens to home and business owners since 1983. There are many patio makeover ideas but, with a weatherproof enclosure, you can turn your outdoor patio into a year-round retreat. No matter what elements you choose to add, they will always be protected from heat, cold, sunlight, wind, bugs, and other elements.

We have a full line of products to meet your needs and budget. Our patio enclosure panels and shades can offer privacy and are available in many different sizes. They can accommodate any size of porch or deck. At Enclosure Guy, we also provide custom sun shades that are easy to use and designed to last, and which block 90% of the sun’s rays. They are fully retractable or removable, non-corrosive, abrasion-resistant, and flame-resistant, as well as individually customized.

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