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Make Your Patio the Most Comfortable Place for Guests This Season

Regardless of what the climate may be where you live, inclement weather can completely prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space. That is unless you have a clear patio enclosure or similar product. These outdoor patio winter tips will reveal how to transform your patio into a living space for all seasons.

Why Use Your Patio in Winter?

Everyone knows the joys of sitting on a patio and enjoying a cool drink during the summer months. However, once winter comes, the patio furniture is usually put away for another year as everyone retreats to the indoors. Yet what if you could use your patio all year? Your home would suddenly have a lot more usable space.

Imagine if, this winter, your family or guests could enjoy some hot chocolate or a delicious holiday meal as they gaze out at the winter landscape from your enclosed patio instead of from indoors. This is possible when you have a way to enclose and know how to keep your patio warm in winter.

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An Ideal Winter Enclosure Option

For those living in cool or wet climates, clear vinyl curtains offer several benefits. Not only can they be installed and easily retracted via roll-up or slide, but, when in place, they insulate your patio from the cold and snow and keep it dry in the rain. Transparent vinyl allows for a full view of the outdoors with all of the comforts of an indoor room.

The heavy-duty construction of vinyl curtains means they can stand up to fluctuations in temperature but also resist mold and mildew as well as UV damage. Independent operation of the drop-down style means you can adjust coverage according to the weather. Choose the slide style, and you can completely enclose or expose as much or as little of your patio as you wish.

Add Even More Comfort

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When your patio is secured with DIY clear vinyl patio enclosures, you can ready this space for guests. Open your home’s windows and the main door to allow heat to reach your patio, or keep them closed and add a small heater to keep guests toasty. Decorate your patio furniture for winter with festive seat pads and throws, and set the mood with some music from an audio player or radio.

Candles are a great addition to any holiday celebration, and real wax candles with LED lights ensure the utmost safety if children and pets will be attending. Or, skip the candles and string up some holiday lights instead.

Patio Enclosures to Your Specifications

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